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Denis Yankovsky January 2, 2021 14 min read
Real Estate Apps For Agents

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    According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, the United States of America has about 2 million operating real estate licenses, so in order to compete in this market successfully, modern real estate agents have to step up their game and keep up to date with the latest marketing trends in the industry.

    The world is changing rapidly, and while the profession of a real estate agent is extremely popular, and the demand for real estate is very high, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, the realtors’ workflows are changing, so are the customers.

    While many baby-boomers might be selling their homes today, pursuing the traveling dreams, or moving to other locations, it’s the young generation who is entering the buyer’s market for the first time, and bringing their digital habits with them: they want most, if not all, of the process to be remote, expect instant replies, lots of media materials about the listings, and a paperless turnover.

    So, the new trends dictate the new tools, and especially mobile tools that will help maximize your marketing efforts and keep on top of the industry.

    We’ve created a list of the top 15 mobile apps that will help real estate agents to dominate their marketing and improve the overall effectiveness.

    15 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

    1. Connecteam 

    connecteam all in one app

    Some say that the Connecteam app is like having a “digital briefcase”, because it has all you need, without the need to drag an actual briefcase with tons of papers around. It is a perfect one-stop-shop app for real estate agents: being a mobile-first solution, tailor-made specifically for field employees, it allows agents to effectively manage the schedules, customer interactions, property listings, and paperwork, all while on the go. 

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Streamline communication: forget chasing realtors, supervisors, or property managers around on phone calls, in a click, you can send logistical and operational communication, hot listings price quotes, engaging updates, announcements, and more through advanced communication features like chat groups, real-time push notifications, private chat, updates directly to your employee’s mobile phone, and more.
    • Create digital, fully searchable libraries with all kinds of forms you use: underwriting guides, applications, property appraisal reports, purchase agreements, property inquiry forms, home loan applications, and so on. Pull them up, e-sign, and send them at any moment, even on the go from your phone. Agents can add images, videos, links, PDFs, digital signatures, and more if needed.
    • Consolidate all your work contacts in a searchable directory: allow agents and team members to search for any work contact via pre-determined profile attributes so they can easily make a phone call, send an email, or start a private chat conversation, without the need to save contacts on their personal mobile device. This makes it easier to find who is responsible for each listing or property, and in a tap, you have their contact information.
    • Utilize task management: create one-off tasks, for example, when doing a property inspection and finding something wrong you can create a one-off task for maintenance or property managers to fix it. You can easily create and assign tasks with built-in reminders and you get notified once the task is completed. All tasks are recorded for future reference and shared with relevant people, additionally, you can track who completed what task and when.
    • Automate checklists and workflows: reduce friction and improve response time by automating reporting processes, such as open house inspection reports, showing reports, expense reimbursement, and more. Through “read and sign” forms, you ensure all employees are compliant through digital ‘read-and-sign’ forms, such as underwriting guides, purchase agreement, and more. For more routine tasks, you can create weekly or monthly checklists, such as reimbursement requests or follow-up scripts.
    • Improve new realtors onboarding & training: get new real estate agents up to speed and enhance knowledge for current staff through videos, quizzes, PDFs, Google Drive documents, and more. Actionable insights are available from the dashboard so you can track training progress in real-time.

    Price: Starts at $39/month for up to 50 users so you can grow your team without having to pay for each user. Enterprise plans for larger teams have custom pricing and will be quoted upon request. There is also a free 14-day trial, and even a free-for-life plan, so you can take it for a spin with no commitment.

    Take Connecteam All-in-one App for Real Estate Agents for a spin with no commitment. Start for free!

    2. Contactually

    Contactually software

    If you are a real estate agent, relationships with your past and potential customers — are your most important asset. Contactually is a dedicated real estate CRM app that allows agents to effectively centralize their contacts base, and spend less valuable time, by using targeted messages and automation, but always communicating in your voice. These actions leave agents free to do what they do best — build the kind of personal relationships that grow the business.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Campaign Management
    • Client/Property Matching
    • Contact Management
    • Interaction Tracking

    Price: Contactually pricing starts at $59.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version but do offer a free trial.

    3. Dotloop

    Dotloop software

    Dotloop is a dedicated transaction management solution for real estate agents that allows them to exchange a big amount of paperwork to the digital, mobile format.

    Dotloop is targeted for real estate brokers, agents, and teams, for them to be able to edit forms, eSign, collaborate, and automate compliance within a mobile platform. As the Dotloop website cleverly puts it: for the real estate agents this app “means more time driving growth, not chasing paper.”

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Form creation
    • E-sign
    • Transaction management

    Price:  Dotloop plans start from $29/month for individual agents, but for teams of agents or brokers — the pricing is custom and will be quoted upon request.

    4. BombBomb

    BombBomb software

    BombBomb makes it easy for real estate agents to build relationships through email, text, and social media.

    BombBomb app helps real estate agents accelerate their sales cycle by sending personalized video messages: it allows recording and sending personal “video emails” to build better business relationships with the customers and prospects. The idea is that personal video messages instead of plain text emails, (that are so easy to ignore or forget) should help agents get more replies, set more appointments, and close more opportunities.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Video messages

    Price: BombBomb plans start from $29/month for individual agents, cost $49 for teams of agents, and for enterprise solutions the pricing is custom and will be quoted upon request.

    5. Freshchat

    Freshchat software

    Customers are quite spoiled in 2021, and nearly instant responses to online inquiries are expected by most of your customers today.

    Live chat is the perfect way to capture modern leads who hate phone calls and emails, but want their requests answered NOW. You can give your leads an instant response and answer their questions with a programmed bot, or better yet, respond to their chat on your phone just like you would a text message. Freshchat integrates with Facebook Messenger, Slack, Freshsales, Zendesk, WordPress.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Live chat 

    Price:  Freshchat is FREE for up to 10 team members, and $24 to add AI chatbots for auto-responses.

    6. CINC

    CINC app is helpful for real estate agents because it allows them to monitor incoming leads and acts as a personal concierge, get them on the phone, qualify them, and then connect them straight to the phone without all the email or text messaging back and forth. This saves a whole lot of time for more important tasks, so can actually help increase the conversion rate. 

    CINC has a good-looking interface where you can quickly view, prioritize, and manage your pipeline helping you focus your efforts on the hottest leads. 

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Follow up reminders
    • Task lists 

    Price: CINC has no contract or fixed commitment, but rather it’s commission-based. Commissions Inc charges $1500/mo just for the CINC Pro platform, the starter “Solo” package is cheaper. There’s also a custom enterprise pricing for brokerages and teams of 50+ users.

    7. Close.io

    Close software

    Close is a CRM app designed to help sales reps and agents turn more leads into revenue, so it’s a great fit for real estate agents.

    A true multichannel platform, Close lets agents email, call, and text their leads, all from within the platform,  without the need to jump between different tabs or install extra add-ons. All the data related to the leads is automatically tracked in a visual timeline so your team can skip the CRM busywork and focus on the deal.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Task reminders
    • Power Dialer
    • Visual timeline to track leads 

    Price:  Close pricing normally starts at $30.00 per month, per user, but now it is discounted and is offered at $21.25.  They do not have a free version but offer a free trial.

    8. Cloud Agent Suite

    Cloud Agent software

    Cloud Agent Suite gives real estate agents modern MLS tools for better CMAs, listing alerts, search, and lead generation. 

    A comparative market analysis (CMA) is one of the most important tools a real estate agent has, so the ability to present properties the best way possible directly translates into the number of deals closed. With this real estate CMA app, real estate agents can easily create amazing reports and presentations that actually sell, and help win more listings, as well as buyer tours, property reports, and flyers. 

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Digital CMA reports creation
    • An automated listing alerts system
    • MLS (Multiple Listings System) built like a social network where you can interact with customers
    • Lead-generation platform to create landing pages and engage with leads

    Price: Contact a Cloud Agent Suite representative for pricing information. 

    9. LionDesk

    LionDesk software

    LionDesk is a dedicated CRM system for real estate agents.

    This customer relationship management platform combines the bulk mailing & texting features for recording and embedding videos into emails and texts to bring properties to life, as well as the ability to make a phone call from the system & record notes during the call — everything in one place, easily visible and easy to use.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Auto Drip Campaigns
    • Bulk Text Messages
    • Video Communication
    • Task Reminders
    • AI Lead Assist
    • Multiple Pipeline Transaction Management

    Price:  LionDesk pricing starts at $25.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version, but a free trial is available.

    10. PalmAgent

    Palm Agent software

    PalmAgent ONE by PalmAgent is a mobile app, created for the real estate agents to be able to work anywhere, anytime.

    PalmAgent ONE helps agents to calculate in seconds the most important numbers they need to provide to the customers: buyer estimates and seller net sheets, based on the state and county. PalmAgent ONE saves agents time spent on manual calculations and presents information in easy-to-understand graphs: you enter sales price, down payment, interest rate, broker fee, and up to seven other pieces of information (depending on the report) to automatically generate colorful, detailed graphs and tables.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Buyer estimates and seller net sheets calculator

    Price:  ONE Premium cost $0.99 per month, a free trial is offered.

    Other Favorites for Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

    11. Buffer

    buffer software

    One of the leading social media management platforms can be very useful for the real estate agents who are always on the run but need their online presence and activity to continue even without their attention, in order to keep the leads funnel full. If you’re a busy agent or team leader trying to manage multiple social media accounts, Buffer is a godsend: it lets you Create posts, analyze the data, and engage your followers.

    By mapping out, creating, and having all your social posts automatically uploaded, you free up a lot of valuable time so you can focus on your clients and the bottom line. 

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Pre-schedule posts across multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Zapier )

    Price: Buffer pricing starts at $15.00 per month. There is also a free version, and more expensive and advanced pro plans are available.

    12. Dropbox


    Dropbox is the world’s first smart workspace. It helps to organize and store all of your data together while letting you use the tools you love, which means it takes out the friction of looking for the information when you need it and allows you to focus on the work that matters.

    So although this app is not a dedicated app for real estate agents, they can greatly benefit from using it by saving time and effort: Dropbox helps people be organized, stay focused, and get in sync with their teams or clients.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • File storage and sharing 
    • Smart search
    • Collaboration features
    • Offline access to files

    Price: Dropbox plans start from $9.99 a month for the individual plan, or $12.50 per user, per month for team use. A free trial is available.

    13. Zillow Premier Agent

    Zillow premier software

    Zillow is one of the largest real estate networks on the web, which allows the agents to get more real estate leads and engage with millions of home shoppers online.

    Zillow Premier Agent app combines the advertising power of the marketplace with the set of communication features like calls, e-signatures, tasks, reminders, custom notes, and mobile notifications. The platform also serves as the agents’ personal help center with all the needed documents and forms.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Scripts
    • Templates
    • Handouts

    Price: The app itself is free, but the price for using the Zillow network varies by ZIP code. Each ZIP code has a unique pricing plan, based on the number of home shoppers active in that area and the local real estate prices. 

    14. Waze (Google Play or App Store)


    Being a real estate agent involves lots and lots of driving and getting there as fast as possible: open houses, meetings, property inspections, showings, and so on.

    That’s why Waze is a must-have app on a smartphone of a real estate agent. Enter the address and Waze will show you the fastest route, complete with the arrival time. While on-route, you’re alerted to shortcuts and live traffic updates so you have everything you need to arrive on time. 

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Fastest routes
    • ETA (Expected Time of Arrival)
    • Real-time alerts, including hazards and speed traps ahead

    Price: Free on Appstore and Google Play

    15. Canva

    Canva software

    Being a successful real estate agent in the modern world, where everyone is lacking time — means being able to present and presale properties remotely, before people agree to actually come to see them in real life.

    And that’s where Canva is another useful app in the arsenal of the real estate agent. Canva allows anyone, with no design or visual skills, to create beautiful presentations, social media posts, graphs and charts, business cards, handouts, leaflets, and so much more: stock images, icons, and shapes, photo filters, presentation and forms templates, automatic resizing features.

    Features of the app, most helpful for real estate agents:

    • Logo maker
    • Business cards and flyers maker
    • Handouts and presentations templates

    Price: Canva is available for free, with a Pro plan starting at $9,95 per user, per month for more advanced features. A free trial is also available.

    The Bottom Line On Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

    As technology advances, building your real estate business’s digital presence is becoming more and more important. No wonder, that companies who started doing it first, such as Zillow and Trulia have dominated the industry for years.

    But today, that’s already not enough — platforms like agency and property listing websites are moving from the web to the smartphones, and having the best mobile apps toolkit is a must in today’s real estate marketing.

    In fact, 48% of real estate agents consider keeping up with technology one of the greatest challenges of the field. 

    So if you are a real estate agent, you have to make sure you are up there at the forefront of this battle, and you have all the best mobile apps that might help you dominate your local property space.

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