Connecteam was one of the first mobile apps, formed back in 2016, that offered an all-in-one solution for deskless teams. Today, we are continuing to deliver on our mission statement – helping businesses thrive by eliminating day-to-day complexities of managing workers so the focus is solely on the big picture, growing their business. 

Throughout 2020, Connecteam saw more than 400% of customer growth and now has more than 150,000 active users. We also grew our team by 300% in order to meet the rising demand so that we could better serve our customers while improving operational efficiency. 

As such, Connecteam is excited to announce that we closed a $37M funding round – led by Insight Partners, O.G. Tech, and the leadership team of Wix.

Avishai Abrahami, CEO of Wix and an early-stage investor said, “Like Wix, Connecteam is a great product-led company that doesn’t just focus on the problem it solves, but also on the people behind it. I am not surprised to see it’s accelerated growth: it has the right mindset, an outstanding product, and a vast market that is pro-actively looking to do things differently as they are tired of the old ways. I believe we are going to hear much about Connecteam in the future.”

Connecteam’s Continued Growth

Connecteam was built from the ground up so that it could meet the needs of companies with deskless employees. With 80% of the global workforce deskless, Connecteam is excited to continue to deliver an all-in-one employee management app to serve their business needs. 

We are committed to enhancing our software capabilities and are expecting to grow our team by more than 300% again in 2021. 

A few milestones we are working to accomplish this year: 

  • Grow the R&D team
  • Improve the end-user experience
  • New desktop and mobile features to further enhance operations
  • Scale its localization and language offerings.

“Running a business with non-desk employees is difficult, and when it comes to technological solutions, so many deskless industries are overlooked and underserved,” said Jeff Horing, Insight Partners Co-Founder and Managing Director. “Connecteam changes the way its customers run their business. In just a few minutes, companies can communicate digitally with their team and better manage their workforce, allowing them to operate more efficiently. We are excited to partner with Connecteam to scale up and bring their solution to even more companies globally.”  

The close of this funding round is a momentous day for Connecteam, our employees, our partners, our founders, and most importantly, our customers. Our customers push us to take everything to the next level. 

Amir Nehemia, Co-Founder and CEO of Connecteam says, “We love our customers, and we believe that talking to them is an essential part of building a great product, so we do it everyday and take their feedback very seriously right from the beginning.”

Here’s to our customers, employees, and investors – these next few years are going to be huge and we’re honored to have you along for the ride.  

Join the ride!

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