Training Attendance Sheet


Training sessions play an indispensable role in fostering a skilled, knowledgeable, and efficient workforce.

They ensure that employees remain updated on best practices, new tools, and ever-evolving company policies.

As such, keeping an accurate record of who has attended these sessions is essential.

The Training Attendance Sheet provides an organized and efficient way of logging these details, giving managers and trainers clarity on participants and their engagement.

Furthermore, having these records on hand can also be instrumental for compliance, ensuring that all staff have completed necessary training modules.

Training Attendance Sheet

Training Topic: _______________________  

Date: __________  

Time: __________ to __________  

Trainer/Instructor: _________________  

Location: _______________________  

Duration: __________ hours


Attendance Record


Employee Name Employee ID Department/Position Signature Time In Time Out Remarks


Post-Training Feedback 


  1. Was the training content relevant to your job role?

[  ] Yes

[  ] Somewhat

[  ] No


  1. How would you rate the effectiveness of the trainer/instructor?

[  ] Excellent

[  ] Good

[  ] Average

[  ] Below Average

[  ] Poor


  1. What did you find most useful from this training?




  1. Any areas for improvement or topics you’d like to be covered in future sessions?




Consistent training and continuous learning are cornerstones of an evolving and successful organization.

By maintaining a comprehensive Training Attendance Sheet, you’re not just logging names but making a commitment to the growth and evolution of your team.

Ensuring everyone is trained correctly and on time is a testament to a company’s dedication to quality and professionalism.

As you move forward, use this document not only as a record but as a tool to refine and perfect future training endeavors.

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