Security Guard Daily Checklist Template


The Security Guard Daily Checklist Template is an essential tool for security guards to systematically manage their tasks and responsibilities throughout their shift.

This checklist helps ensure a comprehensive approach to security duties, enhancing safety and maintaining a secure environment.

Customize this template to align with your specific security protocols and enhance your daily security routines.

Security Guard Daily Checklist Template:

Shift Details:

Date: [Date of the security shift]

Shift Start Time: [Time when the shift begins]

Shift End Time: [Time when the shift ends]

Security Guard Name: [Name of the security guard]

Uniform and Equipment Check

[  ] Uniform worn correctly and is clean.

[  ] Identification badge displayed.

[  ] All necessary equipment (e.g., radio, flashlight, keys) checked and in working condition.

Initial Patrol and Inspection

[  ] Walk the perimeter and inspect for signs of breaches or damage.

[  ] Ensure all access points (doors, gates, windows) are secure.

[  ] Check surveillance cameras and confirm they are operational.

[  ] Verify alarm systems are active and functioning.

Logbook and Reports

[  ] Review the previous shift’s logbook entries.

[  ] Document initial patrol findings.

[  ] Log any incidents or observations throughout the shift.

Regular Duties

[  ] Conduct regular patrols of assigned areas at stipulated intervals.

[  ] Monitor surveillance systems.

[  ] Interact and provide assistance to staff and visitors when required.

[  ] Respond to any security alarms or emergencies promptly.

[  ] Record visitor entries and exits (if applicable).

Safety Protocols

[  ] Familiarize with and be ready to execute emergency evacuation procedures.

[  ] Check fire extinguishers and other safety equipment for proper placement and condition.

[  ] Ensure designated smoking areas are respected and safe.

[  ] Verify hazardous areas are properly marked and locked.

End of Shift Duties

[  ] Secure all doors, windows, and access points.

[  ] Record and report any incidents or observations during the shift.

[  ] Hand over to the incoming security personnel and brief them on any outstanding issues.

[  ] Ensure the logbook is up-to-date.

Supervisor/Manager Verification:

[  ] Supervisor’s signature confirming the completion and accuracy of the checklist


The Security Guard Daily Checklist Template ensures that security guards systematically manage their tasks and responsibilities during their shift.

By using this template, security professionals can maintain a high level of vigilance, uphold security protocols, and effectively respond to potential threats.

Customize the template to match your security protocols and enhance your daily security routines for a safer and more secure environment.

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