Security Guard Audit Checklist

Use our security guard audit checklist template as a starting point to customize yours to fit your company.

Security Guard Audit Checklist

What Are The Benefits Of Using This Security Guard Audit Checklist Template?

  1. It Ensures Consistent Security Standards:

    The Security Guard Audit Checklist guarantees that our security personnel consistently uphold the organization’s safety and security standards, fostering a culture of vigilance and adherence to protocols.

  2. It Reinforces Vigilance and Best Practices:

    Regular audits act as a deterrent to complacency, reminding security staff of the significance of their responsibilities and reinforcing the importance of following best practices.

  3. It Serves as an Evaluation Tool:

    This checklist serves as a comprehensive evaluation tool, systematically assessing various aspects of security personnel’s performance and highlighting areas of excellence or improvement.

  4. It Enhances Safety and Professionalism:

    By guiding security guards through critical checkpoints, the checklist enhances safety, reinforces professionalism, and instills confidence among both employees and visitors.

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The Security Guard Audit Checklist ensures that our security staff consistently meets the safety and security standards set by the organization.

Regular audits help maintain vigilance, deter complacency, and reinforce the importance of protocols.

This checklist serves as both an evaluation tool and a reminder of best practices.

Security Guard Audit Checklist


Audit Date: ____________  

Time: ____________  

Auditor’s Name: _________________  

Security Guard’s Name: _________________  

Location/Post: _______________________  

Uniform and Presentation

[  ] Proper uniform worn, clean and presentable.

[  ] Identification badge displayed prominently.

[  ] Footwear appropriate and well-maintained.

[  ] Necessary equipment (radio, flashlight, etc.) carried and functional.

Knowledge and Vigilance

[  ] Aware of all emergency exits and routes.

[  ] Knowledgeable of post orders and duties.

[  ] Able to communicate the latest incident or report if any.

[  ] Understands protocols for various emergencies (fire, medical, threat, etc.).

Equipment and Systems

[  ] Surveillance cameras checked and operational.

[  ] Alarm systems tested and functional.

[  ] Proper use and maintenance of the communication system (radios, phones).

[  ] Proper logging of incidents or observations.

Patrolling and Positioning

[  ] Regular patrol of assigned areas.

[  ] Checking and securing of doors, windows, or other entry points.

[  ] Proper positioning during static guard duties (not easily distracted, not using personal phones, etc.).

[  ] Interaction with staff and visitors remains professional.

Incident Response and Reporting

[  ] Proper escalation procedure followed for incidents.

[  ] Detailed and accurate incident reports written.

[  ] Knowledge of first aid procedures and location of first aid kits.

[  ] Demonstrates de-escalation techniques when confronted with aggressive individuals.

Training and Continuous Learning

[  ] Up-to-date with the latest security training modules.

[  ] Participates in regular drills (fire, evacuation, etc.).

[  ] Demonstrates knowledge of any recent updates or changes in security protocols.


A robust security framework is built on vigilance, consistency, and continuous improvement.

By conducting regular audits using the Security Guard Audit Checklist, we ensure that our security staff maintains the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

This not only protects our assets but also fosters a sense of safety and trust among employees and visitors.

Let this checklist guide your security operations, ensuring peace of mind and a secure environment for all.

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