Pediatric SOAP Note Template


The Pediatric SOAP Note is an essential documentation tool in pediatric healthcare. It is designed to provide a clear, concise, and systematic approach to recording significant information during a child’s medical appointment.

This template is structured into four key sections: Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP), each offering a different perspective on the patient’s health status. It aids healthcare providers in capturing comprehensive and relevant details, ensuring that each aspect of the child’s health is considered.

This structured approach not only facilitates accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning but also enhances communication among healthcare team members and between healthcare providers and families.

Pediatric SOAP Note Template

Clinic/Hospital Name: ___________

Patient’s Name: ___________

Date of Birth: ___________

Date of Visit: ___________

Patient ID: ___________

S (Subjective):

  • Chief Complaint:
    • Reason for visit (in patient’s or guardian’s words):
  • History of Present Illness:
    • Description of symptoms, onset, duration, and severity:
    • Aggravating or relieving factors:
  • Past Medical History:
    • Previous illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries:
    • Vaccination status:
  • Family History:
    • Family health history relevant to the patient’s condition:
  • Review of Systems:
    • General health, growth, development, and any other relevant systems review:

O (Objective):

  • Physical Examination:
    • Vital signs (e.g., temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure):
    • Growth parameters (height, weight, head circumference, BMI):
    • System-specific findings:
  • Diagnostic Studies:
    • Results of any lab tests, imaging, or other diagnostic procedures:

A (Assessment):

  • Diagnosis:
    • Primary and differential diagnoses based on subjective and objective findings:
  • Analysis of Findings:
    • Interpretation of clinical findings and diagnostic studies:

P (Plan):

  • Treatment Plan:
    • Medications, dosages, and administration instructions:
    • Non-pharmacological interventions (e.g., dietary changes, physical therapy):
  • Follow-Up:
    • Scheduling of follow-up visit or referral to specialists:
    • Additional tests or monitoring required:
  • Patient and Family Education:
    • Information provided about diagnosis, treatment, and expected outcomes:
  • Signature:
    • Healthcare provider’s signature and credentials:

The Pediatric SOAP Note is an invaluable tool for ensuring holistic and focused pediatric care. 

By systematically documenting each visit, healthcare providers can track a child’s health over time, identify patterns, and make informed decisions regarding their care.

This template provides a framework for thorough and organized documentation, crucial for effective patient management and continuity of care. It also serves as a critical communication tool, allowing for clear information exchange among the healthcare team and with the patient’s family.

Utilizing this template in pediatric practice supports high-quality, patient-centered care, and ensures that each child’s health needs are comprehensively addressed.

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