Fire Marshal Inspection Form


The Fire Marshal Inspection Form is a critical document used by fire marshals and safety officers to ensure that buildings and facilities comply with fire safety regulations and standards.

This form helps in identifying potential fire hazards, ensuring proper installation and maintenance of fire safety equipment, and verifying that adequate fire prevention practices are in place.

Regular inspections contribute significantly to the safety of occupants and property.

Fire Marshal Inspection Form

Date of Inspection: __________________
Inspector’s Name: __________________
Facility Address: __________________
Facility Contact: __________________

General Information

Type of Facility: __________________

Number of Floors: __________________

Occupancy Load: __________________

Last Inspection Date: __________________

Fire Safety Systems

Fire Alarm System Functionality: Yes / No / N/A

Fire Sprinkler System Condition: Yes / No / N/A

Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs: Yes / No / N/A

Smoke Detectors Placement and Operation: Yes / No / N/A

Exit Routes and Doors

Number of Exit Routes: __________________

Obstructions in Exit Routes: Yes / No / N/A

Condition of Exit Doors (locking mechanisms, signage): Yes / No / N/A

Fire Extinguishers

Adequacy of Fire Extinguisher Distribution: Yes / No / N/A

Last Service Date of Fire Extinguishers: __________________

Training in Fire Extinguisher Use: Yes / No / N/A

Electrical Safety

Condition of Electrical Panels: Yes / No / N/A

Use of Extension Cords (proper use, no daisy chaining): Yes / No / N/A

Signs of Electrical Overloading: Yes / No / N/A

Hazardous Materials

Storage of Flammable/Combustible Materials: Yes / No / N/A

Proper Labeling and Documentation: Yes / No / N/A

Availability of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS): Yes / No / N/A

Housekeeping and Maintenance

General Cleanliness of Facility: Yes / No / N/A

Accumulation of Waste or Combustible Materials: Yes / No / N/A

Maintenance of Clearances around Fire Equipment: Yes / No / N/A

Training and Drills

Frequency of Fire Drills: __________________

Employee Training on Fire Safety Procedures: Yes / No / N/A

Record Keeping of Training and Drills: Yes / No / N/A

Additional Observations


Immediate Safety Concerns: __________________

Suggestions for Improvement: __________________


Inspector’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
Facility Representative’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________

Utilizing the Fire Marshal Inspection Form is vital for maintaining a safe environment and preventing fire-related incidents.

It helps facility owners and managers identify and rectify potential fire hazards, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.

Regular inspections and following up on recommendations are essential steps toward safeguarding lives and property from fire risks.

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