Fire Investigation Report Template


The Fire Investigation Report Template is a specialized document used by fire investigation professionals to record and analyze the details of a fire incident.

This template is crucial for understanding the origin, cause, and progression of a fire, and for identifying preventive measures.

It serves as a comprehensive record that can be used for insurance purposes, legal proceedings, and to improve fire safety practices.

The structured format of the report ensures a thorough and systematic investigation, which is essential for drawing accurate conclusions and formulating effective recommendations.

Fire Investigation Report Template

Report Title: ___________

Incident Date and Time: ___________

Report Date: ___________

Location of Fire: ___________

Investigator(s) Name(s): ___________

1. Incident Overview:

Brief description of the fire incident:

2. Incident Details:

Specific location of the fire:

Description of the property and its use:

Weather conditions at the time of the fire:

3. Response and Actions Taken:

Timeline of the fire department and emergency response:

Fire suppression and control activities:

4. Investigation Methodology:

Techniques and processes used in the fire investigation:

5. Evidence and Findings:

Description of the fire scene upon arrival:

Evidence collected from the scene (e.g., photographs, samples):

Witness statements and interviews:

6. Fire Origin and Cause Analysis:

Determination of the fire’s point of origin:

Analysis of the cause of the fire (accidental, natural, incendiary):

  1. Damage Assessment:

Description of damage to property and contents:

Estimation of fire loss (if applicable):

8. Conclusions and Recommendations:

Summary of key findings from the investigation:

Recommendations for preventing future incidents:

Suggestions for improvements in fire safety practices:

9. Appendices:

Supporting documents, photographs, diagrams, and other relevant materials:

10. Signatures:

Investigator’s Signature: ___________ Date: ___________

Supervisor’s/Manager’s Signature (if applicable): ___________ Date: ___________


The Fire Investigation Report Template is an essential tool for accurately documenting and analyzing fire incidents.

It facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the events leading to and surrounding the fire, helping to identify its causes and potential preventive measures.

This document is not only vital for record-keeping and legal purposes but also plays a significant role in enhancing fire safety standards and practices.

By using this template, fire investigators can ensure a systematic and thorough approach to their investigations, contributing to improved safety and prevention strategies.

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