Employee Disciplinary Form


Handling disciplinary issues with fairness and transparency is vital for maintaining a positive work environment.

In this post, we provide a comprehensive Employee Disciplinary Form template that empowers HR professionals and managers to address disciplinary matters effectively.

The template aims to guide employees toward improvement while upholding company values and fostering respect in the workplace.

Employee Disciplinary Form

*Note: This form is a template and should be customized to suit your company’s specific policies and procedures.*

Employee Information

– Employee Name: _________

– Employee ID: _________

– Department: _________

– Date of Incident: _________

Description of Incident

*Please provide a detailed description of the incident or behavior that led to the disciplinary action.*

Previous Discussions or Warnings

*Indicate whether any previous discussions or warnings were issued to the employee regarding similar behavior.*

[  ] Yes

[  ] No

*If yes, please provide details of the previous discussions or warnings.*

Investigation Details (if applicable)

*If an investigation was conducted, summarize the findings.*

Disciplinary Action

*Select the appropriate disciplinary action taken.*

[  ] Verbal Warning

[  ] Written Warning

[  ] Suspension

[  ] Probation

[  ] Demotion

[  ] Termination

Action Plan

*Provide a clear action plan for the employee, outlining expectations and areas for improvement.*

Employee Response

*Allow the employee to provide their response to the disciplinary action.*


I, the undersigned, acknowledge that I have received and reviewed this Employee Disciplinary Form. I understand the reasons for the disciplinary action and the action plan set forth.

Employee Signature: _________

Date: _________


*The following individual witnessed the discussion and signing of this form.*

Witness Name: _________

Witness Signature: _________

Date: _________

Human Resources

*HR Representative’s Name: _________

HR Representative’s Signature: _________

Date: _________


This form should be kept in the employee’s personnel file. A copy should be provided to the employee after both parties have signed it. If the employee refuses to sign, the HR representative and the witness should still sign to acknowledge that the form was discussed with the employee.

The Employee Disciplinary Form template presented here is a valuable tool for your organization’s HR management.

By utilizing this form, you can approach disciplinary actions professionally and constructively, creating a harmonious work environment for all.

Remember, disciplinary measures are opportunities for growth and development, not punitive measures.

Embrace this tool to confidently address disciplinary situations while promoting a fair and respectful workplace for everyone involved.

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