At Connecteam, we understand that managing a small business can be extremely rewarding but often challenging—and we appreciate that you have chosen us as the solution to help take some of that weight off your shoulders.

Whether you have been with us for a few years or only a few weeks, we want to repay your loyalty with some game-changing news: the launch of our ‘Small Business Plan.’ This is an all-new, 100% free plan for businesses with up to 10 employees. 

There’s no catch; we just know the determination it takes to build a business and want you to focus on nothing but growth.

The Small Business Plan includes everything that Connecteam has to offer: our Operations Hub with its time clock, task management, forms & documents, and scheduling, the Communications Hub and its full suite of internal communication tools, and of course, our HR & Skills Hub helping you better train, onboard, and reward your employees.

Why Are We Introducing the ‘Small Business Plan’?

During the pandemic, we saw so many small businesses struggle, downsize, and even close, never to open again. And now, with more uncertain times ahead, we just knew we needed to do something.

We have seen our all-in-one app help many small companies grow by solving countless problems they faced over the last few years—from eliminating scheduling headaches, communication issues, or time-tracking pains.

We sincerely hope that this latest initiative will help your business continue to thrive, and remember, we are here for you every step of the way.

To get a deeper understanding of why we decided to launch this plan, read this personal letter from our CEO and co-founder Amir Nehemia. 

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