The main HR challenges facing businesses today

Neha Sharma | Vice President at Unifi Aviation

About this episode

Neha Sharma, Vice President and Leader of the HR technology team at Unifi Aviation, shares the main HR challenges facing businesses today. She highlights the importance of attracting and retaining employees, and ensuring employees feel connected at all times. 

Episode Transcript

I'm Neha Sharma. I am Vice President and I lead the HR technology team at Unifi Aviation.
Unifi provides aviation services to all major, almost all major airlines in the United States.

What are the main HR challenges today?

The ability to attract and retain employees, these are the two key levers, because if you're not able to attract and retain, you are not in business, pretty much that's how it is.
So the biggest challenge is how do you make sure that employees feel connected at all times.

From a candidate perspective, it's truly about can you reach them the fastest, right? and the first. And then can you get them through the process seamlessly

It's way harder to engage those employees and staff that are in the field. What kind of things you do today in order to overcome this challenge?

We are investing heavily in, you know, apps that will kind of simplify and converge, you know, the different things that our employees need into one place. It all boils down to flexibility, right?

The employees are looking to do things when they want to do it, not when organization wants to do them.
So I think we are really looking to invest in technology to kind of facilitate all of that.

It's interesting how HR technology market has evolved, right? in the last… many, I mean, it's been many years now, but I think, especially with the newer players in the market now,
I think you're seeing a next level of innovation in terms of, you know, solving the problems that have been there for years.

Your number one tip to new managers, HR Managers, business owners, something that you wish you knew earlier.

So I think there is a need, right? for HR professionals to be more agile. And, you know, more open to understand different factors that impact workforce today and then find solutions
accordingly for them.