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The importance of innovation and technology in HR, key factors in increasing employee retention

Kevin Greaney | CEO at Cairn Insights

About this episode

Kevin Greaney, CEO at Cairn Insights, discusses about the importance of innovation and technology in HR, key factors in increasing employee retention, and advice for new managers and business owners.

Episode Transcript

My name is Kevin Greaney,
I’m the co-founder and CEO of Aquarian Insights

In your opinion, what are the biggest H.R. challenges today?

Getting more innovation and technology into the field. The more we can innovate using artificial intelligence, the better off all of the corporations would be in the world.

What can be a good key to increase retention, to decrease turnover by engaging employees, creating a better experience?

Communicating better culture is key from not only the CEO, from the board of directors, from the shareholders, and it all flows downhill and be compensated in the right way.
And compensation is many forms, it's equity, it's financial, it's time off. It come in very different ways, but you got to get innovative and creative about compensation also

How can I incorporate innovation and technology to help me solve those kind of things?

I mean, we all use phones, smart phones. We put your minds together and see what works best there are thousands of products. We're at this convention here today.
They're just rows and rows of new innovative products that we just have to take advantage of.
And it's not a financial situation. These products are cost effective, I should say.

One tip you can give to new Managers, new Business Owners, HR Managers, something that you wish you knew earlier.

You got to have the right team and the right culture. If somebody doesn't fit into that team in their culture, you got to move on.