The current HR challenges and strategies to increase employee engagement and retention

Giovanna Bayly | Account Executive at Hibob

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Giovanna, Account Executive at Hibob in San Francisco, discusses the current HR challenges and strategies to increase employee engagement and retention. She also shares insights on onboarding new hires remotely, engaging hybrid workforces, and leveraging mobile technology.

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I'm Giovanna Bayly, I'm an account executive in San Francisco for Hibob.

In your opinion, what are the biggest HR challenges today?

Now there's people starting jobs
where it can be awkward and it can feel you know, not as warm and fuzzy as the traditional onboarding.
Keeping in touch and engaging the hybrid workforce. How can we find ways for people
to intentionally connect?

What happens if I'm not working in an office? How we can tackle those challenges in an arena of businesses that are non desk employees?

I would say that comes down to mobile, right? Things that are optimized for mobile
are a big way to get in front of that.

What do you think would be the best way to engage employees to increase retention and decrease turnover? How can we deal with that, especially with technology?

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When you onboard somebody and when you onboard them remotely especially, you need the W-4, the copy of the driver's license, whatever it is.
But you also need to know who they are as a person, right?
So my manager knows I'm not just a salesperson on the West Coast. My manager knows my interests, my passions. It's a way to recognize this is something that my employee enjoys.

Let's give them an opportunity to shine in ways that feel natural to them.

One tip for new HR managers?

Don't guess what your people want, find out what they want.
Make sure you have technology in place to really know what's important to them.