The biggest challenge with managing my staff

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Facundo, Founder of Paz Nuts, discusses the challenges of managing his staff and the importance of staying on top of technology as his company grows. He also shares his key tip for new business owners.

Episode Transcript

What would be the main challenges or the biggest challenges you have today with managing your staff?

It's keeping them excited about what we are trying to achieve, I like to keep them engaged with everything we are doing.

It translates into the products that we do, the services that we provide, the customer care that we do.

Do you use any type of system technology to help you with that or you just do it yourself?

We are trying all the time different technologies, definitely.
We have some softwares that we use in order to track inventory, all our finances, production schedules.

We need to support ourselves as much as possible with technology in order not to make mistakes and to be on top of of everything because we are growing fast so it's another challenge. We need to be on top of our cash flow, ordering system...

One key tip to a new business owner, someone just establishing their new business?

Understanding that if you have a product that you believe in, or a service that you think is different to what's already out there, just go for it.

I think the hotel industry is an industry that is always looking for innovation, for new things.
Trying to see beyond, what a CV has to offer.
Have long chats before hiring anyone.
Usually when you hire someone, you know the position that you need to fulfill, but try to gauge
if that person is going to also give you something extra. Which doesn't mean working more, but being able to adjust to the ever changing nature of of an industry, or at least of a company
like ours that we are innovating, always looking for quality
ingredients, projects, product.

So yeah, being able to think outside the box