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Everything you need to keep your franchisees aligned, up-to-date, and on-brand in one intuitive app.

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We were looking to improve retention, training, and helping our Franchise Owners become better business owners. Connecteam checked all boxes.

Scott Borland - Vice President of Corporate Operations at Jani-King
Scott Borland Vice President of Corporate Operations at Jani-King

Better connect and align your franchisees

  • Keep everyone connected with a familiar and unified communication network
  • Instantly communicate and share important information with all franchisees
  • Contact all the right people via 1:1, group, or company-wide chats and updates
  • Communicate on a secure platform and ensure all messages are received
connecteam user interface

Have all franchise contact details in one place

  • Manage an easy-to-search directory with each franchisee’s contact information
  • Easily update details like phone number, email, and address and add additional notes
  • Reach contacts directly via your in-app directory without having to save their details
  • Know who to contact for operational matters by adding points of contact for each branch


connecteam user interface

Ready to boost your communication with your franchisees?

Listen to what franchisees have to say

  • Create and share surveys to gather your franchisees’ thoughts and feedback
  • Measure anything from satisfaction with communication efforts to branch success
  • Quickly identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions
  • Make franchisees feel heard and valued to nurture a healthy partnership
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Ensure standardization across all franchises

  • Deliver mobile onboarding courses to set each new franchise up for success
  • Provide consistent training across all franchisees, keeping everyone on the same page
  • Align franchisees on regulations and standards to secure your brand
  • Provide all the knowledge and skills needed to operate the franchise effectively
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Make information easily accessible

  • Centralize brand information, guidelines, and procedures in a mobile knowledge base
  • Effortlessly update files and share the latest information with everyone
  • Maintain a clear overview of who did and didn’t see relevant documents and files
  • Empower franchisees to find exactly what they need without unnecessary back-and-forth
connecteam user interface

Set your franchise up for success with one app

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