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Schedule jobs or shifts, track working hours, enhance communication, streamline daily operations, build professional skills and so much more can be done with Connecteam’s handyman business software.
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Easily schedule jobs, manage employees, update records and more with Connecteam’s handyman business software

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Easily track and manage employees’ work hours

It’s more than just clocking in and out
When your employees are on the go, Connecteam’s handyman management software packs all the tools they need. While on-the-go, employees can clock in and out (with a GPS time stamp), request absences, view current or past timesheets, and more. When clocking in, employees can choose a “tag”, like a job, a project, a customer or anything else you set up so you always know what they’re working on and at what time. Plus, employees have the option of a shift attachment for more information, like mileage, equipment usage, etc. The timesheets on Connecteam’s handyman management software are easy to use and has a Quickbooks Online integration.
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Save time with Connecteam’s scheduling app

Schedule jobs and projects for your handyman employees
Easily add shifts and publish to all employees with Connecteam’s handyman business software. Create single, multiple or team shifts, and upload shift bulks with an Excel file. Everything is neatly organized and runs smoothly with calendar view, drag & drop options, and easily copying last week’s shifts. With status updates, employees can change the shift status so you always have a clear view on a shift's status. For example, employees can check-in at the job location and can report once completed, or they can reject a shift so you know who is and isn't available. All the information is available on shift (location, pictures and docs) so employees have all the data. From recurring shifts to dispatching jobs, clients or projects, Connecteam’s handyman management software has you covered.
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Bridge the gap between field and office

Engage and keep everyone on the same page
Great internal communication is a must to take your business to the next level, increase retention and boost engagement. Customize Connecteam’s handyman business software to suit your business needs. With an in-app employee directory, it’s easy to navigate and find the work contact you need. Our chat is unlike anything you’ve seen, start a private dialogue, create professional channels, and filter group chats by branch, location, title and more. Track who read your messages and send a push notification to those who didn’t so everyone is on the same age. Boost engagement with feedback surveys and announcement with like and comment capabilities.
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Get rid of pen and paper for good

Custom forms allow you to automate processes and workflows
With our handyman business software, daily tasks and reports are set on auto-pilot so employees can fill and send reports from anywhere. Choose from pre-made templates or create your own from scratch, from purchase orders to service reports, customer reports, mileage, equipment used, and more can be done before moving on the next project. Employee’s can also add pictures and an e-signature to all checklists and forms while on-the-go. Set required fields so nothing important gets left out and send automated push notifications to remind employees to complete and send checklists, forms and reports on time.
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Be a jack of all trades

Give your employees a professional edge
Build online libraries and manuals via the knowledge center on Connecteam’s handyman management software. Now, employees can easily search for useful information in the click of a button. Company policies, FAQs, regulations, safety procedures, equipment manuals, and more are up to date and accessible at your employee’s fingertips. Make boosting professional skills a must by creating training courses that include images and videos and create quizzes to test an employee’s knowledge and uplift skills while keeping them up to date on the latest practices in the field.
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A true all-in-one solution

Get the job done with features that drive your business forward
Connecteam’s handyman business software packs a big punch but that’s the name of the game. We created a true all-in-one solution for remote employees, and not only is it easy to use but it’s affordable too. Connecteam’s handyman business software offers fixed pricing plans for up to 200 users so you are never surprised when the monthly bill comes in. Customize the app to match your company culture so your employees feel like it was made for them. Save time and money with Connecteam’s handyman business software and start for free today!

Connecteam is trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide


“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job. We save time and cost, while improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

Darren Gradus CEO & Owner Canada’s Restoration Services

“As a big retail company, Connecteam ‘s solution is ideal for us. The App and its management system help us to be in constant contact with all the employees of the company, which are located throughout the country.”

Barak Alfital Training & Organizational Development Manager FOX Group

“Connecteam improved our work processes in a significant way. The mobile app helped us improve our workflows and made our projects run more effectively. As an organization, our overall communication and flow of information has become fast and accurate””

Racheli Oz Organizational Develpment & Welfare Manager Carasso Motors

“Connecteam is an intelligent collaboration solution. In Sodastream, we found this solution friendly and useful, with high adoption rates among our users. The Connecteam staff are creative and dynamic, and great partners to work with.”

Nir Rehav Head of Global IT Sodastream Intl.

Get the job done with Connecteam’s handyman business software

A simple, powerful and affordable solution to manage non-desk employees. Try it yourself!

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Choosing Connecteam’s handyman business software is a no-brainer. It’s the best solution in the market to manage and engage your deskless employees. Reduce phone calls with private or group chat, boost employee engagement with professional channels that allow like and comment capabilities, send internal feedback surveys, employ a suggestion box and more. Use our scheduling software to plan days and weeks in advance and save time as you and your employees have all the information needed for the job at hand. The time clock has a GPS and can even help with mileage read, equipment usage or anything useful to issue with payrolls. Start now for just $39/month for up to 200 users! Or start with the free plan!

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