Insufficient Time Tracking Can Take a Serious Toll on Your Business:

  1. Time theft strips employers of $11 billion a year in the United States alone.
  2. US employers lose $373 million a year due to Buddy Punching.
  3. Wage theft adds up to $22 billion stolen from the pockets of US employees each year.

Digital time tracking solutions can finally put an end to time theft and buddy punching in your business and let you rest easy knowing you’re not overpaying.

After digging and sorting through the newest and most popular apps, we picked the 9 best time tracking apps of 2022 for small to large businesses. We looked at pricing, ease-of-use, and features that will save your business money. 


Flat fee of $29/month for 30 users

An all-in-one solution that keeps both you and employees informed of daily, weekly, and monthly time spent on the job. Advanced geofencing capabilities and GPS tracking prevent time theft and buddy punching, while the smart time clock can automatically clock your workers in and out based on their location or time worked. Payroll is kept accurate, and added transparency and accountability are huge bonuses. 

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2. Timecamp

$350/month for 50 users 

Tracks time in the background while on the app. After a few clicks, you can fill in timesheets with logged hours based on activity. Turn this into an invoice, and you’re free to send it away to clients. 

3. Toggl

$500/month for 50 users

Send reminders if you forget to clock in and out. You’re authorized to submit hours without real-time data for moments you’re uninterested in live tracking.

4. Clickup

$450/month for 50 users 

ClickUp is geared towards improving productivity through better team management. The time tracker does everything from time estimations and tracking to reports.  

5. Timely

$500/month for 50 users

Timely saves your tracked time through what it calls a “memory tracker.” It collects this data to suggest better or similar time entries in the future; the algorithm learns accordingly based on your edits. 

6. Hubstaff

$350/month for 50 users

Uses GPS capabilities to track employees. Trackable both online and offline to monitor work hours even when on the road. 

7. Harvest

$600/month for 50 users

With Harvest, time tracking is managed by client, task, or project. It additionally tracks the expenses that are associated by monitored activity. It is usable both on the desktop and the mobile phone. 

8. QuickBooks Time

$540/month for 50 users 

Advanced expensive tracking that provides in-depth details to timesheets. It allows employees to record when they’ve taken breaks and the route they took to complete their tasks of the day. 

9. When I Work

$200/month for 50 users

Has a kiosk application option, or users can simply download the app on their mobile. The time clocks on both devices are synced with a scheduler and can be exported to 3rd party integrations for payroll. 

Benefits Of A Time Tracking App:

  • Regulatory Compliance: FLSA requests owners keep documentation of employee working hours for a minimum of two years. Everything should, and can be made, readily available for government inspection at any time with apps that keep data right on hand. 
  • Low Error Rates: The odds of an error taking place are drastically lower with a time tracking app. 

Without one the IRS reported that 33% of employers make payroll errors.

Additional Benefits: 

  • Everything is automated

  • Real-time Data

  • GPS Tracking

  • Curb Rounding up

  • Curb Buddy Punching

  • Immediately React To Overtime

  • Improve Team Management

Questions You May Have: 

  1. Are employee time tracking apps a good fit for both small and large businesses?

Yes, time tracking apps are great for both large and small businesses. Any number of people in a company can benefit from accurate timesheets and payroll. Connecteam is a flexible time tracking application that lets you scale the app according to your own current standing and future growth. 

2. Desktop vs. mobile time tracker. How do I know which is best for my company?

A solution with both is ideal. However if you’re a remote or deskless team it’s best to prioritize mobile–where everything is doable on the go. Connecteam provides business owners with this but also a desktop dashboard to fully manage and oversee employee activity. 

Know What To Look For. Common Forms of Time Theft

  • Stand-in attendance

  • Late starts and early finishes

  • Super long breaks

  • Buddy Punching

  • Unauthorized overtime

  • Taking care of personal activities at work

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