Easily Onboard New Employees with One Digital Solution

training and onboarding app

Easily create quick, efficient, and engaging onboarding processes for your frontline teams.

  • Design fully customizable onboarding programs for new hires
  • Streamline your onboarding processes with one intuitive and easy-to-use app
  • Empower new hires to get up to speed on the go
  • Get real-time insights into your employees’ progress
training and onboarding app

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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training and onboarding app

Design Complete Onboarding Programs in Just a Few Clicks

Manage every aspect of your new hire's journey from one centralized app.

  • Fully customize every aspect of your onboarding’s structure and content
  • Add in quizzes, forms, surveys, and more to check knowledge retention
  • Provide hires with the most updated version of each course at the click of a button
  • Gather all necessary employee documentation straight on the platform
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training and onboarding

Save Valuable Time and Resources with One Digital Solution

Create and manage optimal employee onboardings with complete ease

  • Easily reuse, update, or optimize your existing onboarding programs
  • Set deadlines or send reminders to ensure all new hires are completing their training on time
  • Automatically send onboarding courses to employees based on their start date, position, or any other custom field
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training and onboarding app

Speed Up Your Onboarding Process with a Tool That’s Always Accessible

Digitalize your employee onboarding experience for on-demand learning

  • Onboard your deskless employees with an intuitive and easy-to-use app
  • Empower your frontline employees to take onboarding courses from their mobile devices
  • Send users notifications and reminders to complete courses
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training and onboarding app

Stay on Top of Progress with Powerful Insights

Oversee all employee activity from one powerful dashboard

  • Gain real-time analytics regarding employees' progress and performance
  • Quickly spot areas that need improvement and make data-driven optimizations
  • Make data-driven decisions on how to optimize your onboarding process
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what you see employee app

What you see

Managers can create fully customizable onboarding programs and track employee progress and performance from their desktop



what you see employee app

What your employees see

Employees can access and complete onboarding straight from their phone, desktop, or tablet


How to Manage Your Employee Onboarding Process with Connecteam

  1. Sign up for free!

  2. Set up your company account and invite employees.

  3. Create custom onboarding courses in just a few clicks.

  4. Share the onboarding program with your relevant new hires.

  5. Track their progress in real-time.


Free for life plan, no credit card required.


It takes only 5 minutes to set up


Over 92% adoption rate among employees!


Available in 11 different languages

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Connecteam help me onboard new employees with no computer access?

Connecteam Courses have been designed especially for deskless teams with a mobile-first objective. New employees can get all the educational materials they need to successfully onboard to the company – straight from their mobile device.


How do I know that all my employees viewed, started or completed their onboarding?
Is Connecteam Courses free?

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