Table of contents
  1. What Are Timesheet Reminders?
  2. Effective Types of Timesheet Reminders
  3. Funny Timesheet Reminder Memes
  4. Why Timesheet Reminders Are So Important for Companies
  5. Benefits of Timesheets for Employees
  6. How to Get Your Employees to Submit Their Timesheets on Time
  7. What Happens If an Employee Forgets to Submit a Timesheet?
  8. Why Choose Connecteam for Your Timesheet Reminders?
  9. Make Timesheet Reminders Effortless With Connecteam

Keeping track of employee hours can be a real chore, but we all know it’s essential for accurate payroll and timely billing. Unfortunately, getting employees to submit their timesheets on time can feel like an uphill battle — a real challenge for even the most organized managers.

Thankfully, there are automated solutions, like timesheet reminders, available to simplify the process. 

In this article, we’ll cover why timesheet reminders are so useful and how Connecteam’s timesheet software is a game-changer for businesses. We’ll also include some handy tips and tricks to make sure you’re using it to its full potential.

What Are Timesheet Reminders?

Timesheet reminders are a helpful tool that employers and managers use to ensure that employees submit their timesheets on time. They can be formatted as written notes, verbal reminders, or automated notifications sent through software or tools.

The primary purpose of timesheet reminders is to help employees keep track of their hours worked and ensure that they are accurately compensated for their time. 

By setting reminders and sending “gentle nudges,” employers can avoid the hassle of chasing down late submissions and avoid confusion or errors in payroll.

Effective Types of Timesheet Reminders

From timesheet reminder memes to shouting “Timesheets due today!” across the office, there are plenty of ways to remind employees to submit their timesheets on time.

Let’s look at some common types of timesheet reminders and discuss why some are less effective than others.

Types of timesheet reminders for employees


Employers can remind employees to submit their timesheets on time via email. 

This method can be time-consuming for the employer, however, especially if they have to send the emails manually. Even automated emails may lose their efficacy over time. 

After all, we all know that it’s all too easy to open an email only to forget about it a few moments later.

Text messages

Employers can also send text messages to their employees as a reminder to submit their timesheets.

This method is quick and easy, but, if you’re not using the right text messaging platform, it can be difficult to keep track of who has and hasn’t received the message. And, like emails, it could be hard to determine if a text is read or not.

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Google Calendar reminders

If your company uses Google Suite, sending reminders via Google Calendar is an option. Using a shared calendar, managers can send a calendar notification followed by an email notification.

If your team uses Google Calendar for most of your daily planning, a simple calendar notification isn’t going to stand out. It might even get lost in the many other meetings, calls, and birthday notifications on the calendar.

Slack reminders

With Slack, you can automate periodic reminders to submit your timesheets. And with 18 million daily active users and 156,000 organizations using Slack, this is a popular choice for many. But is it really the best choice?

Unfortunately, Slack is pretty pricey, especially if you’re a large organization with many employees. Thankfully, there’s a cheaper (and better) alternative to Slack.

Automated reminders through Connecteam

Not all timesheet reminders are created equal.

There is one timesheet reminder to rule them all, one reminder to find them. One reminder to bring them all and, with HR’s approval, bind them.

The answer is automated reminders through software like Connecteam. Designed to make employers’ and employees’ lives easier, Connecteam does it all. From accurately tracking work hours with live GPS to automating timesheets to payroll in seconds, Connecteam takes the pain out of payroll.

Funny Timesheet Reminder Memes

Just because timesheet reminders are important, doesn’t mean they need to be serious. Keeping your team engaged and motivated, even when it comes to those pesky timesheets. 

Our hand-picked memes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your employees’ faces as they navigate the world of deadlines and paperwork.

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Did someone say timesheets meme

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wake up, timecards | Yes, now be quite; Did you submit your timecards | image tagged in hey you going to sleep,timesheet reminder,timesheet | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Left Exit 12 Off Ramp | DON'T GET PAID; Turn in Timesheets | image tagged in memes,left exit 12 off ramp,timesheet,friday,paid,time | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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YAY FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH WORK! TIMESHEETS DUE | YAY FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH WORK! TIMESHEETS DUE | image tagged in memes,grumpy cat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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flooding timesheet reminder | TIMESHEETS DONE? THANKS! | image tagged in flooding thumbs up,timesheet reminder,timesheet meme | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Gustavo Fring Timesheet Reminder | Where are your timesheets? | image tagged in gus fring,fill in your timesheets | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Leonardo Dicaprio Timesheet Reminder | Did you complete your timesheets? Cheers! | image tagged in memes,leonardo dicaprio cheers,fill in your timesheets | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Cheesy Timesheet Reminder | THIS IS A CHEESY; TIMESHEET REMINDER | image tagged in timesheet reminder,timesheet meme,cheesy timesheet reminder,funny memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Dude with sign Timesheet Reminder | Just do your timesheet without being asked! | image tagged in dude with sign,timesheet reminder,memes,timesheet meme,funny | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Springbok TImesheet Reminder | IT'S FRIDAY!  YOU TOO CAN PUT A SPRING IN YOUR STEP.... COMPLETE YOUR TIMESHEET NOW! | image tagged in springbok timesheet reminder,timesheet reminder,funny memes,meme,timesheet | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Joey and Chandler Submit their Timesheets | WHEN YOU AND YOUR COWORKER... ...BOTH SUBMIT YOUR TIMESHEET ON TIME | image tagged in friends,joey,chandler,timesheet reminder,work | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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Why Timesheet Reminders Are So Important for Companies

So what if you don’t get your team’s timesheets on time? If all that matters is that an employee gets paid, then are timesheet reminders really so necessary? 

In one answer — yes. Yes, they are. And there are several reasons why.

Why Is There A Need For Timesheet Reminders?

Reduces payroll errors and costs

Often, submitting timesheets triggers that last minute-scramble to get them in on schedule. And, sometimes, it can be all too tempting (and easy) to falsify hours. 

A staggering 43% of hourly workers admit to exaggerating the amount of time they work during their shifts. This timesheet fraud can mean incorrect payroll and lost productivity. In fact, missing and inaccurate timesheets cost the US professional services sector around $7.5 billion per day!

Inaccurate timesheets cost the US professional services sector around $7.5 billion per day.

Timesheet reminders can prevent these negative impacts on your bottom line by holding employees accountable for honest, accurate timesheets. 

Ensures timesheets are submitted on time

Payroll departments rely on accurate and timely timesheet data to calculate wages and process payments. Receiving late timesheet submissions can disrupt the payroll process, causing delayed or incorrect payments, which leads to disgruntled employees.

By sending timesheet reminders and setting clear deadlines, managers who need to approve the timesheets can ensure they’re submitted on time. This helps maintain an organized workflow and prevents delays in important processes like payroll and project management.

Ensures hours are logged accurately

One in every five billable hours isn’t recorded. In some cases, this isn’t a case of timesheet fraud but rather forgetfulness. If employees can’t remember how they’ve spent their working hours, they may “make up” their hours and submit inaccurate timesheets.

Connecteam’s employee Time Clock app is designed for this very reason. In one intuitive app, employees can easily clock in and clock out on the go. This means accurate time tracking for jobs, projects, clients, equipment, mileage, and more. From there, online timesheets are automatically created and exported to your payroll software.

Prevents managers from continuously following up

Employees would agree: there’s nothing worse than being micromanaged. 

And even managers and business owners have much more important and urgent items they could be attending to, rather than having to continuously remind employees to submit their timesheets. 

Timesheet reminders remove this burden, which means managers have more time to focus on strategic tasks.

Consistent nagging and following up from superiors can strain an employee-manager relationship — especially if the nagging is focused on one employee in particular. An effective timesheet reminder replaces the need for persistent follow-ups with an automated, simple reminder.

Helps project management progress

Timesheets provide valuable data for tracking project progress, such as how much time is being spent on different tasks or projects. 

Timesheet reminders ensure that project managers have access to reliable information on how resources are being used and the profitability of a project. This helps them make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and keep projects on track.

Ensures compliance

Many industries have labor regulations that require accurate record-keeping of employee working hours. Failing to submit timesheets on time can result in non-compliance with these regulations, potentially leading to legal consequences and penalties. 

Compliance is particularly critical for companies that operate in industries with strict labor laws or those subject to audits.

In some field service industries, submitting timesheets is a requirement for compliance purposes. By reminding employees to submit timesheets, your business can steer clear of legal consequences and penalties (and remain prepared for any audits).

Benefits of Timesheets for Employees

It’s no secret that most employees typically hate submitting timesheets. But doing so is just as good for them as it is for you. Here are some reasons that should encourage them to embrace and appreciate the use of timesheets:

examples of benefits of timesheets for employees

Helps with accurate and on-time payment

By diligently filling out their timesheets, employees contribute to the smooth processing of payroll. When they jot down their hours with precision, their paycheck reflects every minute of hard work they put in. 

With timesheets, employees receive their hard-earned compensation on time, with no discrepancies or delays.

Keeps a record of hours worked

Timesheets act as a personal logbook of an employee’s work history. By consistently maintaining timesheets, employees create a reliable record of their efforts in the organization. 

Having an accurate record can also come in handy in case of any disputes or discrepancies with an employer.

Improves transparency

By accurately recording their hours and tasks, employees have a tangible way to communicate their workload and productivity. This creates better visibility into their efforts, helping managers understand the scope of each employee’s responsibilities and the value they bring to the organization. 

This accessible record of hours worked is valuable for future reference, such as when applying for promotions. It demonstrates a track record of dedication and reliability, showcasing the employee’s professional growth over time.

Improves time management

Filling out timesheets requires employees to reflect on what they’ve gotten done and how much time they spent completing tasks. This encourages better time management practices, helping employees prioritize their workload and identify time-wasting activities.

Useful for performance evaluations

Timesheets are a valuable resource during performance evaluations. They provide concrete data that helps answer questions like the following:

  • Are you on time for your job?
  • Do you clock in and clock out?
  • Are you honest about how you spend your day?
  • Do you stick to the required schedule?
  • Have you been doing overtime?
  • Do you take extended breaks?

By maintaining accurate timesheets, employees have objective evidence to showcase their work ethic, highlight their contributions, and support their performance reviews. This tangible data also helps employers make fair assessments and provide meaningful feedback.

How to Get Your Employees to Submit Their Timesheets on Time

Coupled with your timesheet entry reminder, you need to take the right approach with your employees to get them to submit their timesheets by the deadline. Try out some of the following strategies to see which ones would work best for your team:

Best practices for sending timesheet reminders.

Use humor

Let’s face it — submitting timesheets can be a dull and tedious process. Sometimes, a lighthearted approach can make all the difference. 

Instead of sending formal reminders, try sending funny reminders to your team that include memes or “punny” emails. Adding some humor to the process can help create a positive and less anxiety-inducing atmosphere around timesheet submissions.

Explain why submitting timesheets on time is important

Many employees don’t enjoy filling out timesheets. But helping them understand why it’s so important can be just the encouragement they need to do it.

Create a policy around timesheet submission

Establish a timesheet submission policy that outlines the expectations for submitting timesheets on time — and the consequences of not doing this. 

Such consequences can include verbal warnings, written warnings, or even suspension, depending on the frequency of the lateness. Make sure the policy and process for strikes is well-documented and accessible to all employees (like in an internal wiki!).

Use automation and technology to your advantage

Constantly having to follow up with employees to submit their timesheets? Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

Software and automation features take the hassle out of manually sending timesheet reminders. Connecteam automatically calculates your employees’ work hours so you can export timesheets directly to your payroll software.

Be strategic with when to send reminders

Timing is everything, including when it comes to timesheet reminders. Consider setting up your reminders at strategic moments, such as at the end of the week or month. 

Avoid bombarding employees with reminders over the weekend when they’re trying to unwind. Instead, plan to send reminders at appropriate times and you’ll increase the chances of your employees actually paying attention and taking action.

Ensure employees understand the system 

Employees need to know how to effectively use the time-tracking software you have in place. If needed, provide training and resources to guide them through the process. 

When employees feel confident about the system, they’ll be more likely to complete their timesheets accurately and on time.

Connecteam app interface

Don’t overdo it

While reminders are crucial, bombarding employees with daily reminders can backfire. If you flood their inboxes with constant reminders, they might start ignoring them altogether. 

Find the right balance between gentle reminders and overwhelming persistence. Remember, you want to motivate and engage, not annoy and frustrate.

Approve timesheets on time

Timesheets are a two-way street. Just as employees need to submit their timesheets on time, managers must also play their part. Timely approval of timesheets shows respect for your employees’ efforts and reinforces the importance of the process. 

By promptly reviewing and approving timesheets, you’ll set a positive example for your team and encourage them to prioritize their submissions as well.

What Happens If an Employee Forgets to Submit a Timesheet?

Let’s say that, even after multiple reminders to submit their timesheets, an employee is consistently failing to get their timesheets in on time.

Here are some possible solutions you can turn to:

Have a chat with them

Instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming negligence, have an open conversation with the employee. 

Take the time to understand why they’ve been forgetting to submit their timesheet. 

Is it due to a lack of clarity on the process? Forgetfulness? Other underlying personal issues? 

Be open to starting this conversation to learn more, address any concerns, provide clarification, and offer support if needed.

Ensure compliance with labor laws

While you may want to withhold payment if an employee isn’t submitting their timesheets, legally, employers can’t pay employees late or make deductions from their paychecks solely due to failure to submit a timesheet. 

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), it is ultimately the employer’s responsibility to keep records of the hours worked by employees. And that’s why having the right time-tracking software is so important.

Why Choose Connecteam for Your Timesheet Reminders?

Speaking of time-tracking software, Connecteam’s Timesheet App has a whole host of features and tools to make the timesheet process efficient and pain-free.

Connecteam time clock interface

Some of these features include the following:

  • Connecteam’s automated time tracking eliminates the need for manual time entries, reducing the chances of errors and saving time. This means that employees can easily track their work hours and submit their timesheets on time.
  • With customizable timesheets, you can apply different pay rates to different employees or jobs, making it easy to manage payroll. Whether you need to monitor regular hours or overtime, adjust the Timesheet App to fit your business’s needs.
  • Submitted timesheets are automatically converted to payroll, saving time and reducing errors. This ensures that employees are paid on time and accurately, motivating them to submit their timesheets on time.
  • No matter where they are, Connecteam’s mobile app enables employees to clock in and out from their smartphones, making time-tracking easier and timesheets more accurate. And with GPS tracking, you can verify that employees are clocking in and out in the right places and at the right times.
  • Once timesheets have been submitted, it’s easy to import these timesheets into your favorite payroll software.

Make Timesheet Reminders Effortless With Connecteam

Tracking employee hours is crucial for payroll and billing accuracy, but it can be a tedious task for managers. With the help of automated timesheet reminders, the process can be streamlined, saving time and increasing efficiency. 

With Connecteam’s cloud-based Timesheet feature, you can set up automated reminders to nudge your team to submit their hours by the deadline, freeing up your time and brainpower for other important tasks. No more late submissions or messy payroll calculations. 

Plus, Connecteam is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, giving you real-time visibility into employee hours. Say goodbye to manual time tracking and hello to accurate and efficient payroll processes.

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