Connecteam - The #1 Staffbase Alternative for Better Employee Communication

Flat fee of $29 for
up to 30 users, free-forever plan available

  • Reach your entire workforce with instant communication
  • Ensure your employees stay engaged, motivated, and productive
  • Keep your team's communication completely private and secure
  • Go beyond communication with time tracking, scheduling and HR operations

Trusted by Over 36,000 Companies Worldwide

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Why is Connecteam a leading Staffbase Competitor?

Reach Your Entire Workforce With Instant Communication

Find anyone in your company and connect in just a few clicks

  • Instantly reach everyone with 1-on-1 or team chats
  • Search for any team member in an intuitive employee directory
  • Share more than messages—files, videos, images, audio notes, and more
  • One-click access to your employee chat from anywhere
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Ensure Your Employees Stay Engaged, Motivated, and Productive

Boost and maintain morale across your organization with the best employee engagement tools

  • Share company updates and events in a social media-style feed
  • Make your employees’ voices heard through surveys and live polls
  • Measure your employee engagement rates and gain valuable insights
  • Make sure nothing’s missed with instant notifications and auto-reminders
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Keep Your Team's Communication Completely Private and Secure

Ensure peace of mind by keeping work and personal chats separate

  • Limit who your employees can talk to and which teams they can contact
  • Choose who can start chats and groups, comment, and send messages
  • Prevent media being saved to users' phones and chats being exported
  • Remove employees’ access to all app data when they leave the company
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Don’t Just Communicate With Your Employees—Take Care of Them

Boost engagement and reduce turnover with helpful HR tools

  • Make your employees feel appreciated with rewards and recognitions
  • Celebrate employee milestones and achievements
  • Track your employees’ milestones with intuitive timelines
  • Train your employees and test their knowledge with courses and quizzes
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Handle All of Your Business Operations From One Place

Save time and effort running your business with Connecteamœ’s Operations Hub

  • Simplify time tracking, location tracking, timesheets, payroll, and more
  • Easily create and manage your entire team’s schedules
  • Assign and oversee your employees’ one-off and recurring tasks
  • Quickly gather information from the field with digital forms and checklists
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connecteam employee app ratings

Connecteams all-in-one employee management app is a WhatsApp alternative, built and designed especially for deskless employees.

Connecteam is the industry-leading WhatsApp alternative app for time tracking and scheduling. Everything your business needs is available on Connecteam’s easy-to-use and super affordable platform: GPS time tracking, geofencing, absence request management, shift planning, dispatch assignments and so much more than WhatsApp app is offering.

As the best alternative to the WhatsApp app, Connecteam offers four key strengths we believe are directly related to the success of your business when using an employee app:

 – Better scheduling and time tracking features for your business

– No paying for each user or a monthly basis, pricing starts with a flat fee of just $29 a month  for up to 30 users, or you can stick with the free plan

– Modern user experience with setup taking only 15 minutes

– As a leading WhatsApp alternative, we boost employee management with the only all-in-one app

Try Connecteam, the best WhatsApp app alternative for free!