Workplace Security Checklist Template


The workplace is a hub of resources, assets, and most importantly, people.

Ensuring a secure environment isn’t just about preventing theft or damage; it’s about creating a space where employees feel safe, can work productively, and where business operations run seamlessly.

This Workplace Security Checklist is curated to provide a framework for establishing a robust and comprehensive security protocol, reinforcing your commitment to safety, privacy, and productivity.

Workplace Security Checklist

Physical Security

[  ] Entry and Exit Points: Ensure controlled access, possibly with key card systems or biometric entry systems.

[  ] Visitor Logs: Maintain a log of all visitors, including time in/out and the purpose of visit.

[  ] Surveillance Systems: Install and regularly maintain CCTV cameras in strategic points.

[  ] Alarm Systems: Ensure working burglar alarms and motion detectors.

[  ] Secure Windows: Windows should have locks, and consider using shatterproof glass where necessary.

[  ] Emergency Exits: Clearly marked and easily accessible, but secure from external entry.

Employee Protocols

[  ] ID Badges: All employees should have visible identification when in the workplace.

[  ] Security Training: Conduct regular workshops on security best practices and emergency procedures.

[  ] Report Mechanism: Encourage employees to promptly report suspicious activities or security lapses.

[  ] Key Control: Track and limit who has access to keys or key cards.

Data and Technology Security

[  ] Firewalls and Antivirus: Ensure all computers are protected against malware and cyberattacks.

[  ] Password Protocols: Enforce strong password practices and periodic changes.

[  ] Backup Systems: Regularly back up essential data and store in a secure, off-site location.

[  ] Access Restrictions: Limit access to sensitive information to authorized personnel only.

Operational Procedures

[  ] Cash Handling: If applicable, establish secure procedures for handling and storing cash.

[  ] Document Shredding: Implement protocols for disposing of sensitive paper documents.

[  ] Mail Screening: If necessary, especially for large organizations or high-risk sectors.

[  ] Secure Deliveries: Establish specific protocols and locations for receiving packages.

Emergency Protocols

[  ] Fire Drills: Regularly conduct and review procedures for evacuation.

[  ] Medical Emergencies: Equip the workplace with a first aid kit and trained personnel.

[  ] Communication: Establish a clear line of communication for any emergencies, including external threats.

Regular Audits and Reviews

[  ] Security Audits: Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of security measures.

[  ] Feedback Loop: Allow employees to give feedback on security protocols and concerns.

[  ] Update Protocols: Regularly update security measures based on new risks or business changes.

Workplace security is not a static concept; it’s a dynamic framework that evolves with risks, technology, and business growth.

This Workplace Security Checklist underscores the importance of a multi-faceted approach, emphasizing both physical safety and data protection.

By adhering to these guidelines, organizations fortify their operations, foster employee trust, and create an environment where the focus can remain on innovation and productivity.

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