Welding Risk Assessment Template


The Welding Risk Assessment Template is designed for professionals handling welding operations, providing a structured approach to assess and manage the specific risks associated with welding activities.

It addresses key safety, health, and environmental aspects, ensuring a thorough evaluation and implementation of necessary control measures.

Welding Risk Assessment Template

Form Title: Welding Risk Assessment
Date of Assessment: __________________
Assessment Conducted By: __________________
Location/Area of Task: __________________
Review Date: __________________

Task Description

Description of Welding Activity: _________________________________
Type of Welding Process (e.g., MIG, TIG, Arc): _________________________________
Duration and Frequency of Welding Tasks: _________________________________

Hazard Identification

Types of Hazards (e.g., burns, fumes, UV radiation): _________________________________
Source of Hazards: _________________________________
Potential Health and Safety Impacts: _________________________________

Risk Analysis

Persons at Risk (e.g., welders, bystanders): _________________________________
Probability of Hazard Occurrence: _________________________________
Severity of Potential Impact: _________________________________
Overall Risk Level (e.g., low/medium/high): _________________________________

Control Measures

Existing Safety Measures (e.g., PPE, ventilation): _________________________________
Additional Control Measures Required: _________________________________
Action Plan for Implementation: _________________________________
Person Responsible for Implementation: _________________________________

Health and Safety Considerations

Specific PPE Requirements: _________________________________
Ventilation and Fume Extraction: _________________________________
Fire Safety Measures: _________________________________

Environmental Considerations

Disposal of Waste Materials: _________________________________
Impact on Surrounding Environment: _________________________________

Monitoring and Review

Monitoring Procedures: _________________________________
Scheduled Review Date: _________________________________

Additional Comments


Assessor’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
Approval Signature (if applicable): __________________ Date: __________________

Using the Welding Risk Assessment Template is crucial for maintaining safe welding operations. It helps in systematically identifying risks, evaluating their severity, and implementing robust control measures.

Regular use of this template not only ensures compliance with safety standards but also enhances the overall well-being of individuals involved in welding activities.

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