Weekly Site Safety Inspection Checklist


The Weekly Site Safety Inspection Checklist is a proactive and systematic tool designed to ensure ongoing compliance with safety standards and to identify potential hazards within the workplace.

Regular weekly inspections are crucial for maintaining a safe working environment, preventing accidents, and ensuring the well-being of all employees.

This checklist serves as a comprehensive guide for site supervisors, safety officers, or any designated personnel responsible for safety management.

Weekly Site Safety Inspection Checklist

Site Details:_______________
Location: ________________________
Date of Inspection: _______________
Time of Inspection: _______________
Inspector’s Name: __________________
Week Of: _______________ to _______________

General Safety:

[  ] All safety signs are in place and clearly visible.

[  ] Emergency exits are unobstructed and clearly marked.

[  ] Firefighting equipment is accessible and in good condition.

[  ] First-aid kits are stocked and easily accessible.

[  ] All lighting fixtures are working and provide adequate illumination.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

[  ] PPE is available for all workers and visitors.

[  ] Workers are using PPE correctly in designated areas.

[  ] PPE is in good condition and stored properly when not in use.


[  ] Work areas are clean, tidy, and free of debris.

[  ] Aisles and walkways are clear of obstructions.

[  ] Spill kits are available and materials are properly labeled.

Tools and Machinery:

[  ] Tools and equipment are in good condition and stored properly.

[  ] Safety guards are in place on machinery as required.

[  ] Inspection and maintenance records are up-to-date.

Electrical Safety:

[  ] Electrical panels are accessible and properly labeled.

[  ] No exposed wiring or open electrical panels.

[  ] Extension cords are in good condition and used properly.

Fall Protection:

[  ] Guardrails and safety nets are secure and in good condition.

[  ] Ladders are in good condition and used properly.

[  ] Fall arrest systems are available and inspected for wear and tear.

Chemical Safety:

[  ] Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are accessible for all hazardous substances.

[  ] Chemicals are stored and labeled correctly.

[  ] Workers are trained in handling and emergency procedures for hazardous substances.

Noise Control:

[  ] Areas requiring hearing protection are marked.

[  ] Workers are using appropriate hearing protection devices.

Waste Management:

[  ] Waste bins are available and being used correctly.

[  ] Hazardous waste is being disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Incident Reporting:

[  ] There is a system in place for reporting incidents and near misses.

[  ] All incidents and near misses from the past week have been documented and reviewed.

Comments & Additional Observations:

(Provide detailed notes on any issues found, actions taken, and areas for improvement.)

Inspector’s Confirmation:

I confirm that the above inspection was conducted according to the safety standards and regulations, and have reported all findings accurately.

Inspector’s Signature: _______________________
Date: ____________

Site Manager’s Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge the findings of this inspection and will ensure that necessary actions are taken to address any issues.

Site Manager’s Signature: _______________________
Date: ____________


Conducting and documenting regular safety inspections like this Weekly Site Safety Inspection Checklist is pivotal in identifying risks and implementing corrective actions in a timely manner.

These proactive measures not only protect the health and safety of everyone on the site but also foster a strong safety culture within the organization.

By addressing the identified issues and continuously monitoring conditions, you help ensure a safer, more efficient, and compliant workplace.

Stay committed to safety excellence and continuous improvement to maintain a high standard of workplace safety for all employees.

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