Vessel and Equipment Non-Conformance Report Template


A Vessel and Equipment Non-Conformance Report is a pivotal document in maritime operations.

It is utilized to identify, record, and address any deviations, deficiencies, or non-compliances in a vessel or its equipment against the applicable standards, specifications, or regulations.

This report is instrumental in maintaining the safety, efficiency, and reliability of maritime operations and serves as a systematic approach to preventing the recurrence of non-conformities.

Comprehensive Vessel and Equipment Non-Conformance Report Template

1. Company Details:

   1.1 Company Name:

   1.2 Address:

   1.3 Contact Number:

   1.4 Email Address:

2. Vessel Details:

   2.1 Vessel Name:

   2.2 Vessel Type:

   2.3 Identification/IMO Number:

   2.4 Location at Time of Non-Conformance:

3. Equipment Details:

   3.1 Equipment Name/Type:

   3.2 Manufacturer:

   3.3 Model/Serial Number:

   3.4 Location on Vessel:

4. Non-Conformance Details:

   4.1 Date and Time of Detection:

   4.2 Reported By (Name and Position):

   4.3 Detailed Description of Non-Conformance:

  (Specify deviations from standards, procedures, specifications, or regulations)

5. Immediate Action Taken:

   5.1 Action Taken by (Name and Position):

   5.2 Description of Immediate Action:

  (Detail any immediate measures implemented to mitigate the non-conformance)

6. Impact Assessment:

   6.1 Safety Impact:

  (Describe any actual or potential impact on the safety of the vessel, personnel, or environment)

   6.2 Environmental Impact:

  (Detail any actual or potential environmental repercussions)

   6.3 Operational Impact:

  (Outline any impact on the vessel’s operational capability or performance)

7. Photographic and Documentary Evidence:

   7.1 Attachment(s):

  (Attach photographs, diagrams, and any other documents that provide additional information or evidence regarding the non-conformance)

8. Corrective and Preventative Actions:

   8.1 Proposed Corrective Actions:

  (Describe the planned corrective actions to remedy the non-conformance)

   8.2 Responsible Person/Department for Implementation:

   8.3 Expected Completion Date:

   8.4 Status of Actions:

   8.5 Preventative Actions:

  (Outline the actions planned to avoid recurrence of the non-conformance)

9. Approvals:

   9.1 Prepared by:

   – Name:

   – Position/Title:

   – Signature:

   – Date:

   9.2 Reviewed by:

   – Name:

   – Position/Title:

   – Signature:

   – Date:

   9.3 Approved by:

   – Name:

   – Position/Title:

   – Signature:

   – Date:


The completion and analysis of the Vessel and Equipment Non-Conformance Report are integral in sustaining operational integrity and environmental responsibility in maritime operations.

This report not only aids in identifying and addressing the immediate concerns arising from any non-conformances but also facilitates the formulation and implementation of corrective and preventative strategies to mitigate future risks and enhance overall operational standards and safety.

It is imperative that all identified non-conformities are thoroughly investigated and the recommended actions are executed diligently to uphold the commitment to safety, quality, and environmental protection in maritime operations.

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