Uniform Order Form


The Uniform Order Form Template is a practical tool to streamline the process of ordering uniforms for employees.

This form helps gather all necessary information and specifications to ensure accurate uniform provisioning.

Customize this template to match your organization’s requirements and facilitate a seamless uniform ordering process.


Uniform Order Form Template:

Order Information:

– Order Date: [Date of order]

– Order Number: [Auto-generated]

– Department/Team: [Department or team name]

Contact Information:

– Requester’s Name: [Name of the person requesting the uniforms]

– Contact Email: [Requester’s email address]

– Contact Phone: [Requester’s phone number]

Uniform Details:

– Employee Name: [Name of the employee receiving the uniform]

– Uniform Type: [Specify uniform type, e.g., shirt, pants, jacket]

– Uniform Size: [Specify size, e.g., S, M, L, XL]

– Quantity: [Number of uniforms needed]

Additional Specifications:

[  ] Include custom embroidery/logos

[  ] Specify any special requests or notes

Delivery Information:

– Delivery Address: [Address where uniforms should be delivered]

– Delivery Date: [Preferred delivery date]

Billing Information:

– Billing Department/Team: [Department responsible for billing]

– Billing Contact Name: [Name of billing contact]

– Billing Contact Email: [Billing contact’s email address]

– Billing Contact Phone: [Billing contact’s phone number]


[  ] Manager/Supervisor Approval: [Name of approving manager/supervisor]

[  ] Date Approved: [Date of approval]

Cost Estimate:

– Uniform Cost per Unit: [Cost per uniform]

– Total Cost: [Calculated total cost based on quantity]

Payment Information:

[  ] Charge to Department Account

[  ] Employee Payroll Deduction

[  ] Other: [Specify payment method]


[  ] [Include any additional comments or notes]

Order Confirmation:

[  ] Send order confirmation to requester


The Uniform Order Form Template simplifies the process of ordering uniforms for employees. 

By using this template, you can gather all necessary information and ensure accurate uniform provisioning.

Customize the template to match your organization’s preferences and establish a streamlined workflow for uniform ordering.

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