Take 5 Safety Checklist


The Take 5 safety process is a quick and simple risk assessment tool designed to help individuals identify and mitigate potential hazards before starting a task. This checklist can be used as a reference to guide users through the Take 5 safety assessment:

Take 5 Safety Checklist:

Task Details:

Task Name/Description:



Name of Person Conducting Take 5:

Step 1: STOP

[  ] Stop and pause before starting the task.

[  ] Ensure you have the necessary knowledge and training to perform the task safely.

Step 2: LOOK

[  ] Identify potential hazards in your work area.

[  ] Inspect tools, equipment, and materials for any defects.

[  ] Consider environmental factors (e.g., weather, lighting) that may affect safety.

Step 3: ASSESS

[  ] Evaluate the risks associated with the task.

[  ] Consider the likelihood and severity of identified hazards.

[  ] Determine the potential impact on yourself and others.

[  ] Assess the controls in place to mitigate risks (e.g., safety procedures, personal protective equipment).

Step 4: MANAGE

[  ] Implement safety measures and controls to reduce risks.

[  ] Ensure you have the necessary safety equipment (e.g., helmets, gloves, eyewear).

[  ] Communicate with team members and supervisors about any concerns or changes in the work plan.

[  ] Confirm that emergency response procedures are understood and accessible.

Step 5: REVIEW

[  ] Review your safety assessment and precautions with a colleague if possible.

[  ] Reevaluate the task as it progresses, especially if conditions change.

[  ] Continuously monitor for new hazards and take corrective action if needed.

[  ] After completing the task, review the outcome and identify any lessons learned or improvements for future tasks.

Task Authorization (if applicable):

[  ] Ensure that proper authorization has been obtained, especially for high-risk tasks.

[  ] Confirm that any necessary permits or clearances are in place.

Summary and Sign-off:

By completing this Take 5 Safety Checklist, you acknowledge that you have conducted a safety assessment before commencing the task and have taken appropriate measures to minimize risks. If any new hazards or safety concerns arise during the task, stop work immediately and reassess the situation.

Always prioritize safety and communicate effectively with your team members and supervisors to maintain a safe working environment.

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