Shift Swap Request Form


The Shift Swap Request Form is designed to facilitate the process of employees requesting to swap shifts with a colleague.

This form ensures that all necessary information is documented, allowing supervisors and managers to review and approve or deny the request systematically.

Proper documentation helps maintain clear communication and effective scheduling within the workplace.

Date of Request: __________________
Employee Requesting Swap: __________________
Employee ID: __________________
Department: __________________
Supervisor/Manager: __________________

Current Shift Details

Current Shift Date: __________________

Current Shift Start Time: __________________

Current Shift End Time: __________________

Swap Details

Employee Swapping With: __________________

Employee ID of Swapping Employee: __________________

Requested Shift Date: __________________

Requested Shift Start Time: __________________

Requested Shift End Time: __________________

Reason for Shift Swap

Reason for Swap Request: ____________________________________________________________________________


Employee Requesting Swap Signature: __________________ Date: __________________

Employee Swapping With Signature: __________________ Date: __________________

Supervisor/Manager Approval

Supervisor/Manager Comments: __________________________________________________________________

Approved: Yes / No

Reason for Decision: __________________________________________________________________

Supervisor/Manager’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________

HR Department Approval (if applicable)

HR Comments: __________________________________________________________

Approved: Yes / No

Reason for Decision: __________________________________________________________________

HR Representative’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________


Using the Shift Swap Request Form simplifies the process of requesting and managing shift swaps between employees.

It ensures that all relevant information is documented and provides a clear process for supervisors and HR personnel to evaluate and approve or deny the request.

This helps in maintaining effective scheduling and clear communication within the workplace.

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