Restaurant Closing Checklist


The restaurant closing checklist is a vital tool that ensures a systematic and thorough process to wrap up operations at the end of each business day.

Properly closing the restaurant not only maintains cleanliness and safety standards but also prepares the kitchen and dining area for a seamless opening the following day.

This comprehensive checklist encompasses essential tasks that need to be completed before the restaurant doors are closed for the night.

By diligently following this checklist, restaurant owners and managers can uphold the highest standards, promote an efficient workflow for the next day, and leave a lasting positive impression on staff and guests alike.

Kitchen Closing:

[  ] Turn off all cooking equipment and appliances.

[  ] Clean and sanitize all food preparation surfaces, including countertops and cutting boards.

[  ] Wash and sanitize all kitchen utensils, pots, pans, and cookware.

[  ] Properly store all perishable food items in refrigerators or freezers.

[  ] Label and store food items for the next day’s use.

[  ] Dispose of any food waste and empty trash bins.

[  ] Clean and sanitize the sink area and kitchen equipment.

[  ] Ensure all cleaning supplies are properly stored.

Dining Area Closing:

[  ] Clear and clean all tables, chairs, and condiment holders.

[  ] Sweep and mop the dining area floor to remove debris and spills.

[  ] Sanitize all high-touch surfaces, such as menus, door handles, and light switches.

[  ] Restock supplies for the next day, including napkins and utensils.

[  ] Properly store any leftover food items or ingredients.

[  ] Check restrooms and restock essential supplies, such as soap and paper towels.

[  ] Turn off all unnecessary lights and ensure the dining area is secure.

Cash Management:

[  ] Balance and close the cash register.

[  ] Secure the day’s cash and deposits in a designated safe.

[  ] Verify credit card transactions and reconcile any discrepancies.

[  ] Ensure that all payment methods are functioning correctly.

Staff Duties:

[  ] Assign specific closing tasks to staff members and ensure they are completed.

[  ] Conduct a final staff meeting to communicate any important updates or notes for the next day.

[  ] Verify that all employees have clocked out and completed their respective duties.

Security and Safety:

[  ] Close and lock all exterior doors and windows.

[  ] Set the security alarm system, if applicable.

[  ] Check all areas for any safety hazards or potential security issues.

[  ] Ensure that emergency exits are clear and accessible.

Additional Tasks:

[  ] Review reservations and prepare for the next day’s bookings.

[  ] Double-check inventory levels and make a note of any items that need restocking.

[  ] Check for any required maintenance or repairs and report them to the appropriate team.

Completing the restaurant closing checklist with dedication and attention to detail ensures a smooth end to the day’s operations and sets the stage for a successful reopening the next morning.

By regularly utilizing this checklist, you not only maintain the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and efficiency but also foster a well-organized and professional work environment for your staff.

Consistency in following the closing checklist strengthens your restaurant’s reputation for excellence and elevates the overall dining experience for your valued guests.

With every successful closing, your restaurant is prepared to welcome new opportunities and continue its journey of success in the competitive food service industry.

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