OSHA Ladder Inspection Checklist


Ladders are the workhorses of construction, connecting us to elevated spaces and fueling progress. But with every ascent, safety takes center stage.

This OSHA Ladder Inspection Checklist equips you to meticulously examine your ladders, ensuring they meet regulatory standards and safeguard your most valuable asset – your team’s well-being.

By dedicating just minutes to this crucial routine, you cultivate a culture of proactive safety, building a foundation of trust and minimizing the risk of falls.

Instructions: Conduct this inspection before each use and after any event that could damage the ladder. Report any defects immediately for repair or replacement.

OSHA Ladder Inspection Checklist

General Ladder Condition:

  • No cracks, splits, or bends in side rails or rungs. (Yes/No)
  • All rivets, bolts, and screws tight and secure. (Yes/No)
  • Ladder feet level and free of debris. (Yes/No)
  • Locking mechanisms function properly. (Yes/No)
  • No paint or other material obscuring important markings. (Yes/No)

Step Ladder Specifics:

  • Spreader arms fully open and securely locked. (Yes/No)
  • No excessive play or movement in hinge joints. (Yes/No)

Extension Ladder Specifics:

  • Rung locks engage smoothly and securely. (Yes/No)
  • Fly sections extend and retract smoothly. (Yes/No)
  • Rope and pulley system in good working order. (Yes/No)

Portable Ladder Specifics:

  • Non-slip feet present and in good condition. (Yes/No)
  • Leveling mechanism functions properly. (Yes/No)

Safety Features:

  • Fall protection system (if applicable) in good working order. (Yes/No)
  • Labels present and legible, indicating weight capacity and type of ladder. (Yes/No)

Additional Notes:

Ladder Model & Serial Number: ________________________

Inspector: ________________________ Date: ________________________


Confidence with Every Climb:

A meticulous inspection, guided by this OSHA Ladder Inspection Checklist, empowers you to ascend with confidence, knowing your ladders are reliable partners in reaching new heights. 

Each completed checklist represents a commitment to safety, fostering a culture of well-being and minimizing the risk of falls.

Remember, ladders are tools, not shortcuts.

By prioritizing thorough inspections and responsible use, you build a foundation of safety that elevates not just your projects, but also the well-being of your team.

Make this checklist your ladder to success, one careful step at a time.

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