OSHA Eye-wash Station Inspection Checklist


In construction, accidents happen. When chemicals or debris threaten someone’s vision, every second counts.

That’s where properly functioning eye-wash stations become vital heroes, offering immediate relief and potentially preventing irreversible damage.

This OSHA Eye-wash Station Inspection Checklist empowers you to proactively verify your stations’ readiness, fulfilling regulations and protecting your most valuable asset – your team’s well-being.

Instructions: Conduct this inspection weekly following OSHA guidelines (ANSI Z358.1-2014). Report any issues promptly for immediate repair or replacement.

OSHA Eye-wash Station Inspection Checklist

Location and Accessibility:

  • Clearly marked and readily accessible within 10 seconds of potential hazards (Yes/No)
  • No obstructions blocking access path (Yes/No)
  • Adequate open space around the station for unimpeded use (Yes/No)

Water Flow and Pressure:

  • Activate station and verify immediate water flow within 1 second (Yes/No)
  • Flow pattern delivers water to both eyes simultaneously (Yes/No)
  • Continuous, gentle flow for at least 15 minutes (Yes/No)
  • Water temperature tepid (between 50°F and 90°F) (Yes/No)

Station Features and Maintenance:

  • Spray heads protected from dust and debris (Yes/No)
  • No leaks or visible damage to components (Yes/No)
  • Bowl or drainpan clean and functional (Yes/No)
  • Inspection log up-to-date with recorded dates and corrective actions (Yes/No)

Signage and Visibility:

  • Clearly identified with “Eye-wash Station” signage (Yes/No)
  • Signage readable and visible from a distance (Yes/No)
  • Emergency procedures for eye injury posted near the station (Yes/No)

Additional Notes:

Inspector: ________________________ Date: ________________________

Protecting Vision, Securing Peace of Mind:

By diligently completing this OSHA Eye-wash Station Inspection Checklist, you proactively invest in your team’s safety and well-being.

Every checked box represents a potential emergency averted, a vision protected, and a testament to your unwavering commitment to a safe and productive work environment. 

Remember, readily accessible and functioning eye-wash stations are not just compliance requirements; they are silent guardians, standing ready to offer critical aid when it matters most. 

Make this checklist your partner in vision safety, one inspection at a time.

Download the free, editable version of this checklist for convenient record-keeping and maintenance planning!

Remember: Always consult OSHA regulations and manufacturer guidelines for specific requirements and updates.

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