Non-Conformance Report Template for Manufacturing Professionals


A Non-Conformance Report (NCR) is an invaluable tool for organizations committed to maintaining high standards of quality, safety, and compliance.

This document plays a pivotal role in identifying and addressing instances where products, processes, or services deviate from established norms.

The purpose of this NCR Template is to provide a structured framework for documenting and managing non-conformances effectively.

By utilizing this template, organizations can foster a culture of continuous improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure the delivery of consistently superior products and services.


Non-Conformance Report Template

General Information:

[  ] NCR Number: _______________________

[  ] Date of Identification: _______________________

[  ] Department/Area: _______________________

[  ] Identified By: _______________________

[  ] Contact Information: _______________________

Description of Non-Conformance:

[  ] Non-Conformance Details: ____________________________________________________________

[  ] Location of Non-Conformance: _________________________________________________________

[  ] Product/Service/Process Involved: ___________________________________________________

[  ] Severity of Non-Conformance (Low/Medium/High): ________________________________________

Root Cause Analysis:

[  ] Describe the root cause(s) of the non-conformance.

[  ] Attach supporting documentation or evidence, if available.

Immediate Action Taken:

[  ] Describe any immediate actions taken to mitigate the non-conformance.

[  ] Specify who was responsible for taking these actions and when they were completed.

Corrective Actions:

[  ] Describe the corrective actions planned to address the non-conformance.

[  ] Assign responsibilities and set deadlines for corrective actions.

[  ] Include steps to prevent recurrence.

Preventive Actions:

[  ] Describe any preventive actions planned to avoid similar non-conformances in the future.

[  ] Assign responsibilities and set deadlines for preventive actions.

[  ] Include steps to improve processes or systems.

Verification of Corrective and Preventive Actions:

[  ] Describe how the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions will be verified.

[  ] Specify who is responsible for this verification and the timeframe for completion.

Approval and Signatures:

[  ] NCR Issuer: ________________________   Date: ______________

[  ] NCR Investigator: ___________________   Date: ______________

[  ] Quality Manager/Supervisor: ______________   Date: ______________

[  ] Other Relevant Signatures: ______________________________________

Closure and Verification:

[  ] Verify that corrective and preventive actions have been successfully implemented.

[  ] Confirm that the non-conformance has been resolved and is closed.


[  ] Attach any supporting documents, photos, or evidence related to the non-conformance.

Distribution of NCR:

[  ] Identify who needs to receive copies of the NCR (e.g., quality control, relevant department heads).

[  ] Specify the method of distribution (email, printed copies, etc.).


The Non-Conformance Report is a cornerstone of quality management and continuous improvement within an organization.

By diligently employing this template, organizations can systematically identify, address, and prevent non-conformances, leading to enhanced operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Through a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, organizations can ensure the delivery of consistently superior products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.


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