HAZOP Template


HAZOP is a systematic approach for identifying potential hazards and operability issues in a process or system.

This template provides a structured framework for conducting a HAZOP study to enhance safety and operational efficiency.

HAZOP Template:

Project Information

  • Project Name: [________________________________________]
  • Location: [___________________________________________]
  • Project Manager: [_____________________________________]
  • HAZOP Leader: [_______________________________________]
  • Team Members: [_______________________________________]
  • Date of HAZOP Study: [_________________________________]

Objectives and Scope

  • Objective of HAZOP: [___________________________________]
  • Scope of Study: [_______________________________________]
    • Specific systems or processes to be analyzed: [_______________]
    • Boundaries of the study: [_________________________________]


  • [Describe the systematic approach to be used for identifying hazards and operability issues.]

Process Description

  • Process Overview: [____________________________________]
    • Brief description of construction processes: [______________]
  • Process Flow Diagrams: [________________________________]
    • Include simplified diagrams of the construction processes: [___]

Identification of Hazards and Analysis

  • Element/Node: [_______________________________________]
    • Specific part of the process being analyzed: [______________]
  • Deviation: [__________________________________________]
    • Possible deviations from the intended operational conditions: [____]
  • Possible Causes: [____________________________________]
    • List potential reasons for each deviation: [________________]
  • Consequences: [______________________________________]
    • Potential impact of each deviation: [_____________________]
  • Existing Controls: [__________________________________]
    • Current measures in place to prevent/manage deviation: [______]
  • Risk Rating: [_______________________________________]
    • Evaluate the level of risk associated with each deviation: [____]

Recommended Actions

  • Recommended Actions: [________________________________]
    • Suggest measures to mitigate or eliminate identified risks: [____]
  • Responsible Party: [__________________________________]
    • Assign a team member or department responsible for implementing the recommended actions: [____]
  • Target Completion Date: [______________________________]
    • Set a deadline for implementing the actions: [______________]

Review and Follow-Up

  • [Schedule regular reviews to ensure implementation of actions and update the HAZOP as necessary.]


  • Conducted by: [_______________________________________]
  • Date: [_______________________________________________]
  • Signature: [___________________________________________]


A HAZOP study is a critical process for identifying and mitigating potential hazards and operability issues.

It enhances safety, minimizes risks, and improves the overall operability of processes and systems.

Regular reviews and follow-up actions help maintain a safe and efficient operational environment.

Feel free to use this template as a starting point for your HAZOP studies, and customize it to fit your specific needs and requirements.

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