HACCP Plan Template


The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Plan Template is designed to assist food industry professionals in developing a comprehensive strategy for food safety management.

This structured approach helps in identifying, evaluating, and controlling food safety hazards within production processes.

A well-prepared HACCP plan is essential for ensuring product safety and compliance with regulatory standards, ultimately protecting consumers and enhancing product quality.

HACCP Plan Template

Date Created: __________________
Created By: __________________
Location: __________________
HACCP Team Members: __________________
Review Date: __________________

1. Product Description

  • Product Name: __________________
  • Description of Product: __________________
  • Intended Use and Consumers: __________________
  • Distribution and Shelf Life: __________________
  • Packaging: __________________
  • Storage and Transportation Conditions: __________________

2. Ingredients and Materials

  • List of Ingredients: __________________
  • List of Materials (e.g., packaging): __________________
  • Source and Specifications: __________________

3. Process Flow Diagram

  • Detailed Process Flow Diagram: Attached / Included
  • Verification Date of Flow Diagram: __________________

4. Hazard Analysis

  • Biological, Chemical, and Physical Hazards Identified: __________________
  • Measures for Hazard Control: __________________

5. Identification of Critical Control Points (CCPs)

  • CCP Decision Tree Analysis Results: __________________
  • List of CCPs: __________________

6. Establish Critical Limits for Each CCP

  • CCP 1: __________________
  • Critical Limits (e.g., temperature, time, pH): __________________
  • CCP 2: __________________
  • Critical Limits: __________________

7. Monitoring Procedures for Each CCP

  • CCP 1: __________________
  • Monitoring Procedures and Frequency: __________________
  • CCP 2: __________________
  • Monitoring Procedures and Frequency: __________________

8. Corrective Actions

  • CCP 1: __________________
  • Actions for Deviation from Critical Limits: __________________
  • CCP 2: __________________
  • Actions for Deviation: __________________

9. Verification Procedures

  • Verification Activities (e.g., audits, testing): __________________
  • Schedule for Verification: __________________

10. Record-Keeping and Documentation

  • Types of Records: __________________
  • Record-Keeping Procedures: __________________

11. Training and Communication

  • Training Programs for Staff: __________________
  • Communication Channels and Procedures: __________________

Additional Comments:





HACCP Plan Coordinator’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________

Approval Signature (Management): __________________ Date: __________________

Implementing this HACCP Plan is a proactive approach to food safety, ensuring that all potential hazards are identified and controlled throughout the production process.

Regular review and updating of the plan are essential to adapt to changes in production processes or regulations.

By adhering to this plan, food industry professionals can achieve high standards of food safety, maintain consumer trust, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

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