HACCP Food Safety Checklist


This HACCP Food Safety Checklist is designed to assist in ensuring the safety and integrity of food products through careful monitoring and management of each step in the production process.

By adhering to this checklist, businesses can help prevent food safety hazards, including biological, chemical, and physical risks, thereby protecting consumers and meeting regulatory requirements.

HACCP Food Safety Checklist

Business Details:
Business Name: ____________________________________________________
Location: ________________________________________________________
Date of Inspection: ____________
Time of Inspection: ____________
Inspected By: ___________________________________ (Name & Position)

1. HACCP Plan:

[  ] HACCP plan is documented and up-to-date.

[  ] Staff are trained and aware of their roles within the HACCP plan.

[  ] Critical Control Points (CCPs) are identified and monitored.

2. Employee Practices and Training:

[  ] Staff demonstrate knowledge of food safety principles.

[  ] Proper handwashing and personal hygiene practices are followed.

[  ] All staff have received proper training on HACCP procedures.

3. Receiving of Goods:

[  ] Temperatures of incoming perishable goods are checked and recorded.

[  ] Goods are inspected for signs of spoilage or contamination.

[  ] Storage conditions and temperatures meet required standards.

4. Storage:

[  ] Refrigeration and freezer units maintain proper temperatures.

[  ] Foods are stored to prevent cross-contamination.

[  ] Storage areas are clean and well-organized.

5. Preparation and Processing:

[  ] Cooking, cooling, and reheating temperatures are monitored and logged.

[  ] Foods are covered and protected from contamination.

[  ] Cross-contamination between raw and cooked foods is prevented.

6. Display and Service:

[  ] Foods on display are maintained at correct temperatures.

[  ] Utensils and service equipment are clean and sanitized.

[  ] Food is protected from contamination during service.

7. Cleaning and Sanitation:

[  ] Cleaning schedules are established and followed.

[  ] Sanitizing solutions are prepared and used correctly.

[  ] Equipment and utensils are cleaned and stored properly.

8. Pest Control:

[  ] The establishment is free from signs of pests.

[  ] Pest control measures are documented and effective.

[  ] All food areas are protected against pest entry.

9. Waste Management:

[  ] Waste is disposed of safely and regularly.

[  ] Waste storage areas are clean and do not attract pests.

[  ] Staff follow proper waste handling procedures.

10. Traceability and Recall:

[  ] All products are correctly labeled with batch numbers.

[  ] A system is in place for product recall.

[  ] Records are maintained for the origin and destination of products.

Comments & Observations:

(Provide detailed notes on any of the above points or any other concerns observed during the inspection.)


(Provide actionable steps based on the observations.)


Signature: ____________________________ Date: _______________

Signature: ____________________________ Date: _______________

Adherence to the HACCP Food Safety Checklist ensures a proactive approach to food safety, addressing potential hazards before they pose a risk to consumer health.

Regular audits based on this checklist will aid in maintaining high standards of food hygiene and safety, reflecting a commitment to best practices in food production and handling.

Implementing and following a robust HACCP plan is integral to operational success and consumer trust.

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