Fire Marshal Inspection Checklist for Schools


The Fire Marshal Inspection Checklist for Schools is an essential tool designed to ensure that educational facilities adhere to fire safety standards, helping to protect students, staff, and property from the risks associated with fire hazards.

Regular inspections and adherence to this checklist can significantly reduce the likelihood of fire incidents and ensure that, in the event of a fire, the impact is minimized through proper preparation and safety measures.

This checklist is structured to assist school administrators and safety officers in conducting comprehensive fire safety inspections in alignment with fire marshal guidelines and regulations.

Fire Marshal Inspection Checklist for Schools

School Details:
School Name: ____________________________________________________
Location: ________________________________________________________
Date of Inspection: _______________
Time of Inspection: _______________
Inspector’s Name: __________________
Fire Marshal (if present): _______________

1. General Safety:

[  ] Fire evacuation plan is posted and visible in all classrooms and common areas.

[  ] All staff and students are aware of evacuation routes and assembly points.

[  ] Fire drills are conducted regularly and documented.

2. Fire Detection and Alarm Systems:

[  ] Smoke detectors and fire alarms are present and operational.

[  ] Fire alarm system has been tested and maintained as per the schedule.

[  ] Manual pull stations are accessible and unobstructed.

3. Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs:

[  ] Emergency lighting units are functional and adequately illuminate evacuation routes.

[  ] Exit signs are illuminated, clearly visible, and point toward nearest exits.

4. Fire Extinguishers:

[  ] Fire extinguishers are accessible, properly mounted, and labeled.

[  ] Fire extinguishers have been inspected within the last year and are fully charged.

[  ] Staff knows how to use fire extinguishers correctly.

5. Electrical Safety:

[  ] Electrical panels are accessible and labeled.

[  ] No signs of frayed wires, overloaded outlets, or improper electrical connections.

[  ] Extension cords are used temporarily and not as permanent wiring.

6. Flammable Materials:

[  ] Flammable materials are stored properly in designated areas.

[  ] Use and storage of hazardous chemicals are in compliance with MSDS.

[  ] Combustible waste is disposed of safely and regularly.

7. Corridors and Exit Doors:

[  ] Corridors are clear of obstructions and have sufficient width for evacuation.

[  ] Exit doors are easily opened from the inside without special knowledge or keys.

[  ] Doors, especially fire doors, are not propped open and close properly.

8. Ventilation Systems:

[  ] Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are inspected and clean.

[  ] No storage is allowed in mechanical rooms or air handling unit areas.

9. Classroom and Laboratory Safety:

[  ] All classrooms and labs are equipped with appropriate fire safety measures.

[  ] Science laboratories have proper storage for chemicals and safety equipment.

[  ] Safety instructions and emergency procedures are posted in visible locations.

10. Assembly Areas and Cafeterias:

Large assembly areas and cafeterias have clearly marked exit routes.

Furniture and equipment do not block exits or emergency equipment.

Cooking areas are equipped with appropriate fire suppression systems.

Comments & Additional Observations:

(Provide detailed notes on any issues found, actions taken, and areas for improvement.)

Inspector’s Confirmation:

I confirm that the above inspection was conducted according to established fire safety standards and have reported all findings accurately.

Inspector’s Signature: _______________________
Date: ____________

School Representative’s Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge the findings of this inspection and commit to addressing any issues promptly.

School Representative’s Signature: _______________________
Date: ____________


Adherence to the Fire Marshal Inspection Checklist for Schools is crucial in creating and maintaining a safe learning environment.

Regular and thorough inspections ensure that fire safety measures are continuously upheld and improved upon.

By addressing the areas identified during the inspection, schools can significantly mitigate the risks associated with fire hazards.

Maintaining open communication with local fire safety officials and ensuring that all staff and students are educated on fire safety practices are fundamental steps in fostering a safe educational setting.

Prioritize safety today to protect the future of your school community.

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