Fire Incident Report Template


The Fire Incident Report Template is an essential document for accurately recording and analyzing fire incidents.

It is crucial for fire departments, safety officers, and facility managers to document every detail to aid in investigation, improve safety protocols, and ensure compliance with fire safety regulations.

This report provides a comprehensive record that can be instrumental in preventing future occurrences and enhancing emergency responses.

Fire Incident Report

Date of Incident: __________________
Time of Incident: __________________
Reported By: __________________
Location of Incident: __________________
Date of Report: __________________
Report Number: __________________

Incident Details

  • Type of Fire (e.g., electrical, chemical, structural): _________________________________
  • Description of the Incident: ________________________________________________________
  • Specific Location/Area where the Fire Started: ________________________________________
  • Weather Conditions at Time of Incident: _____________________________________________

Response and Actions Taken

  • Time Fire Services Were Notified: __________________
  • Time Fire Services Arrived on Scene: __________________
  • Evacuation Procedures Initiated: Yes / No
  • Headcount or Roll Call Completed: Yes / No
  • Firefighting Actions Taken (e.g., use of extinguishers, containment): _____________________
  • Other Emergency Services Notified (e.g., police, medical): _____________________________

Casualties and Damages

  • Number of Injuries: __________________
  • Number of Fatalities: __________________
  • Description of Injuries or Fatalities: _________________________________________
  • Estimate of Property and Equipment Damage: ________________________________

Witness Statements

  • Names and Accounts of Witnesses: _______________________________________
  • Contact Information of Witnesses: _________________________________________

Fire Safety Measures

  • Status of Fire Alarms and Detection Systems: Working / Not Working / Not Present
  • Status of Fire Extinguishers and Other Firefighting Equipment: ___________________
  • Frequency of Recent Fire Drills and Safety Training: ____________________________

Investigation and Analysis

  • Suspected Cause of the Fire: ___________________________________________
  • Contributing Factors (if any): ____________________________________________
  • Photographs or Diagrams Attached: Yes / No

Recommendations and Follow-Up Actions

  • Immediate Corrective Actions Taken: ________________________________________
  • Long-Term Preventative Measures Proposed: _________________________________
  • Plan for Repair and Restoration: __________________________________________
  • Additional Comments: _________________________________________________


  • Report Prepared By: __________________ Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
  • Fire Marshal/Chief’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
  • Facility Manager’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________


Completing the Fire Incident Report is essential for documenting the event thoroughly and providing a basis for future fire prevention strategies.

It ensures accountability and helps in the analysis that could prevent similar incidents. This report serves as an official record and can be crucial for insurance claims, legal proceedings, and safety planning.

Regular review and updating of fire safety protocols based on these reports can significantly enhance fire safety standards.

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