Fire Equipment Inspection Checklist


The Fire Equipment Inspection Checklist is an essential tool for ensuring that all fire safety equipment within a facility is operational, accessible, and maintained according to safety standards.

Regular inspections help to identify and rectify potential issues before they impact the equipment’s effectiveness in an emergency, crucial for maintaining the safety and security of the premises and its occupants.

Fire Equipment Inspection Checklist

Date of Inspection: __________________
Inspected By: __________________
Location/Area of Inspection: __________________
Next Inspection Date: __________________

Fire Extinguishers

Location and Accessibility:

  • Correctly mounted and easily accessible: Yes / No
  • Signage visible and clear: Yes / No

Physical Condition:

  • No visible damage or corrosion: Yes / No
  • Pressure gauge in the operable range/green zone: Yes / No

Service Tags and Maintenance Records:

  • Last inspection date within the past year: Yes / No
  • Maintenance record up-to-date: Yes / No

Fire Alarms and Detection Systems

Alarm Panels and Controls:

  • Free of fault indications: Yes / No
  • Panel easily accessible: Yes / No

Detectors and Sensors:

  • Appropriate placement and coverage: Yes / No
  • Free from obstructions: Yes / No
  • Tested for functionality: Yes / No

Emergency and Exit Lighting


  • Lights functional during testing: Yes / No
  • Adequate illumination of escape routes: Yes / No

Battery and Power Supply:

  • Batteries charged and in good condition: Yes / No
  • Power supply connections secure: Yes / No

Sprinkler Systems

Physical Condition:

  • No visible leaks or damage: Yes / No
  • Control valves in the open position: Yes / No

Inspection Tags and Maintenance:

  • Inspection tags present and legible: Yes / No
  • Last professional inspection within guidelines: Yes / No

Fire Doors

Operation and Alignment:

  • Doors close fully and latch properly: Yes / No
  • Seals and gaskets intact: Yes / No

Access and Obstructions:

  • Corridors and pathways clear: Yes / No
  • No obstructions blocking fire doors: Yes / No

Fire Hoses and Hydrants

Condition and Accessibility:

  • Hoses and connections in good condition: Yes / No
  • Hydrants clear of obstructions and easily accessible: Yes / No


  • Valves operate smoothly: Yes / No
  • No leaks when activated: Yes / No

Additional Observations


Inspector’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
Facility Manager’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________


Using the Fire Equipment Inspection Checklist regularly is critical for ensuring that all fire safety equipment is functional and ready to use in the event of an emergency.

This proactive approach not only ensures compliance with fire safety regulations but also significantly contributes to the safety and well-being of everyone in the building.

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