Ergonomic Assessment Checklist


An Ergonomic Assessment Checklist is crucial for identifying and mitigating risks associated with workplace ergonomics.

This checklist helps ensure that work environments are set up to promote health, comfort, and productivity, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries among employees.

Regular ergonomic assessments can lead to significant improvements in employee well-being, efficiency, and overall job satisfaction.

Ergonomic Assessment Checklist

Facility Details:
Name of Facility: ___________________________________________
Location: ___________________________________________________
Date of Assessment: ___________________
Assessor’s Name: ____________________________________________
Department/Area Assessed: ___________________________________

1. Workstation Setup:

Desk and Work Surface:

[  ] Is the work surface large enough to hold necessary equipment and documents?

[  ] Is the height of the work surface appropriate for the user?


[  ] Is the chair height adjustable?

[  ] Does the chair provide adequate lumbar support?

[  ] Are the chair’s backrest and armrests adjustable to support varied postures?


[  ] Is the top of the monitor at or slightly below eye level?

[  ] Is the monitor approximately an arm’s length away from the user?

[  ] Can the monitor be tilted or swiveled to minimize glare?

Keyboard and Mouse:

[  ] Are the keyboard and mouse positioned to allow for a neutral wrist position?

[  ] Is there adequate space to use the mouse comfortably?

[  ] Are keyboard shortcuts used to minimize excessive mouse use?

2. Lighting:

[  ] Is the lighting adequate for tasks without causing glare on screens?

[  ] Are task lights available if additional lighting is needed for specific tasks?

3. Noise Levels:

[  ] Is the workplace reasonably quiet, allowing for focused work without interruptions?

[  ] Are noise-reducing solutions in place if needed (e.g., sound dampening panels, headphones)?

4. Work Habits:

[  ] Do employees take regular breaks from screen time to reduce eye strain?

[  ] Are employees encouraged to vary their postures throughout the day?

[  ] Is there a policy promoting stretch breaks during long periods of sitting or standing?

5. Environmental Factors:

[  ] Is the temperature in the work environment comfortable for all employees?

[  ] Is there sufficient air circulation or ventilation in the workspace?

6. Equipment and Tools:

[  ] Are all tools and equipment ergonomically designed to minimize strain?

[  ] Do employees have access to ergonomic aids, such as document holders, footrests, or wrist rests?

7. Employee Feedback and Training:

[  ] Are employees trained on the importance of ergonomics in their workspace?

[  ] Is there a system in place for employees to report ergonomic issues or discomfort?

[  ] Are ergonomic assessments conducted regularly based on employee feedback?

Comments & Additional Observations:

(Provide detailed notes on any ergonomic issues found, actions taken, and areas for improvement.)

Assessor’s Confirmation:

I confirm that this assessment has been conducted thoroughly and accurately reflects the ergonomic conditions of the assessed area.

Signature: _______________________ Date: _____________

Facility Manager’s Acknowledgment:

I acknowledge the findings of this ergonomic assessment and commit to addressing any identified issues promptly.

Signature: _______________________ Date: _____________


Using the Ergonomic Assessment Checklist regularly helps create a work environment that supports the health and productivity of all employees.

By addressing ergonomic risks and implementing recommended improvements, organizations can prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders and enhance overall workplace effectiveness.

This proactive approach to ergonomics fosters a culture of safety and well-being that benefits both employees and the organization.

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