Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent Form


The Drug and Alcohol Consent Form is a critical document used by employers to obtain consent from employees or job applicants for drug and alcohol testing.

This form is an essential component of workplace safety programs, ensuring that all personnel adhere to the company’s drug-free policy.

It helps maintain a safe, productive, and healthy work environment.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent Form

Date: __________________
Company Name: __________________
Employee/Applicant Name: __________________
Employee/Applicant ID or Social Security Number: __________________

Consent Statement

I, [Employee/Applicant Name], hereby give my consent to [Company Name] and its designated representatives to conduct pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, or follow-up drug and alcohol testing as per the company’s policy and applicable laws.

I understand that the testing will be conducted by a certified laboratory and may include the analysis of urine, blood, breath, saliva, or other biologically sampled materials.


  • I acknowledge that a positive test or refusal to submit to testing may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or withdrawal of the job offer.
  • I understand my rights regarding the testing procedure, the confidentiality of the results, and the consequences of a positive test result or refusal.
  • I agree that the results of the drug and alcohol test may be disclosed to authorized company personnel and relevant legal entities if required.

Liability Release

  • I release [___________], its representatives, and the testing laboratory from any liability arising from the testing process, the handling of the test results, and decisions made based on the outcome of the test.
  • I agree to hold harmless the company and its representatives for any action taken based on the results of the drug and alcohol test.

Consent to Release Information

  • I authorize the release of the test results to [___________] and relevant parties as required for employment decisions and legal compliance.
  • I understand that the results will be treated as confidential to the extent required by law and company policy.

Employee/Applicant Signature

By signing below, I confirm that I have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in this consent form.

Signature: __________________ Date: __________________

Employer Representative Signature

Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
Title: __________________


Signing the Drug and Alcohol Consent Form is a vital step in ensuring adherence to the company’s drug and alcohol policy.

It is imperative for the safety and well-being of all employees and the overall productivity of the workplace.

Employees and applicants are encouraged to review and understand the terms before consenting to the testing procedures.

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