Driver Assessment Form Template


The Driver Assessment Form Template is designed for evaluating the skills, knowledge, and safety awareness of drivers within your company, especially those operating commercial, delivery, or transportation services.

This assessment helps ensure that all drivers meet the required standards for safe driving practices and are competent in vehicle operation, aligning with company policies and legal requirements.

Driver Assessment Form Template

Date of Assessment: __________________
Assessor’s Name: __________________
Driver’s Name: __________________
Driver’s License Number: __________________
Vehicle Type/Model: __________________

Driver Information

  • Years of Driving Experience: __________________
  • Types of Vehicles Previously Operated: __________________
  • Previous Driving Employers: __________________
  • Date of Last Eye Test: __________________

Driving Record

  • History of Traffic Violations: Yes / No
  • Details of Any Violations: __________________
  • History of Road Accidents: Yes / No
  • Details of Any Accidents: __________________

Knowledge Assessment

  • Understanding of Road Safety Rules: __________________
  • Familiarity with Vehicle Operation Manuals: __________________
  • Knowledge of Emergency Procedures: __________________
  • Awareness of Load Securement (if applicable): __________________

Practical Driving Skills

  • Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory
  • Ability to Control Vehicle Under Normal Conditions: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory
  • Ability to Maneuver and Reverse: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory
  • Response to Emergency Situations: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory
  • Adherence to Traffic Laws and Signals: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory
  • Observation and Anticipation Skills: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory

Attitude and Behavior

  • Attitude Towards Safety: __________________
  • Interaction with Other Road Users: __________________
  • Response to Constructive Criticism: __________________
  • Stress Management While Driving: __________________

Health and Fitness

  • Physical Fitness for Driving: Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory
  • Signs of Fatigue or Health Issues: Yes / No
  • Use of Medications Affecting Driving: Yes / No
  • Details of Any Health Concerns: __________________

Additional Comments


  • Additional Training Required: Yes / No
  • Specific Areas for Improvement: __________________
  • Restrictions or Limitations: __________________


Assessor’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
Driver’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________

Additional Notes:

  • This is a template and may need to be modified to fit the specific needs of your company and the type of vehicle being driven.
  • Additional sections can be added to address specific job requirements, such as knowledge of loading and unloading procedures or handling hazardous materials.
  • It is important to keep a copy of the completed assessment form in the driver’s file.


The Driver Assessment Form is an essential tool for ensuring that drivers are competent, knowledgeable, and prepared for their responsibilities on the road.

Regular assessments help maintain high standards of driving within the company, contributing to overall road safety and minimizing the risk of accidents.

Feedback from these assessments should be used constructively to enhance driver skills, knowledge, and behavior.

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