Computer Maintenance Checklist Template


Regular computer maintenance is essential to ensure the optimal performance, security, and longevity of your computer systems.

Use this checklist to perform routine maintenance tasks on both hardware and software components of your computer.

Computer Maintenance Checklist

Hardware Maintenance:

[  ] Physically inspect for damage, loose cables, or components.

[  ] Clean the computer and peripherals.

[  ] Remove dust and debris from inside using compressed air.

[  ] Assess hardware upgrades (e.g., RAM, hard drive).

[  ] Inspect and clean peripheral devices (e.g., mouse, keyboard, printer).

Software Maintenance:

[  ] Install operating system updates and patches.

[  ] Update antivirus software and run a full system scan.

[  ] Update and patch all software applications.

[  ] Regularly back up important data.

[  ] Perform disk cleanup to optimize storage.

[  ] Review and update security settings and passwords.

[  ] Organize files and folders for efficient data retrieval.

Performance Testing:

[  ] Run system performance tests or diagnostics.

[  ] Test internet speed and connection stability.

Backup and Recovery:

[  ] Ensure there’s a data recovery plan.

[  ] Test data recovery procedures.

Security Checks:

[  ] Confirm the firewall is active and configured correctly.

[  ] Verify that security software is functioning.

[  ] Monitor for security alerts and threats.


[  ] Maintain records of all maintenance activities.


Computer Owner/Responsible Person: __________   Date: __________


Regular computer maintenance, as outlined in this checklist, is crucial for ensuring the health and performance of your computer systems.

It extends hardware life, enhances security, and optimizes performance.

Additionally, keeping maintenance records provides valuable insights for troubleshooting and auditing.

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