Basic Risk Assessment Template


This Basic Risk Assessment template is a critical tool for professionals in identifying and managing potential risks in a variety of settings.

It guides you through a systematic process of identifying hazards, evaluating risks, and implementing control measures.

Completing this form ensures that potential risks are thoroughly assessed and managed, contributing to a safer and more secure environment in your workplace or project.

This form is versatile and can be used in diverse professional contexts.

Basic Risk Assessment Template

Date of Assessment: __________________
Assessment Conducted By: __________________
Location/Area/Project: __________________
Review Date: __________________

1. Hazard Identification:

  1. Description of Hazard: _________________________________
  2. Source/Nature of Hazard: _________________________________
  3. Potential Triggers: _________________________________

2. Who May Be Harmed and How:

  1. Individuals/Groups at Risk: _________________________________
  2. Nature of Potential Harm: _________________________________

3. Risk Evaluation:

  1. Likelihood of Occurrence (circle one):
    – Unlikely / Possible / Likely
    Severity of Impact (circle one):
    – Minor Injury / Major Injury / Fatality
    Existing Control Measures: _________________________________
    Effectiveness of Existing Controls: _________________________________
    Risk Rating (after controls – circle one):
    – Low / Medium / High

4. Control Measures and Actions:

  1. Additional Control Measures Required: _________________________________
  2. Action Plan: _________________________________
  3. Person Responsible: _________________________________
  4. Completion Date: __________________

5. Monitoring and Review:

  1. Monitoring Arrangements: _________________________________
  2. Review Arrangements: _________________________________


  • Assessor’s Signature: __________________ Date: __________________
  • Approval Signature: __________________ Date: __________________


This Basic Risk Assessment Form facilitates a consistent and thorough approach to risk assessment. It’s designed to ensure that all significant risks are identified, evaluated, and appropriately managed.

The regular use and review of this form will aid in maintaining safety, fulfilling regulatory requirements, and implementing best practices in risk management across various professional domains.

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