Accident Investigation Report Template


The Accident Investigation Report Template is a vital tool for documenting and analyzing workplace accidents or incidents.

This structured report is essential for identifying the root causes of accidents and developing strategies to prevent future occurrences.

It ensures a comprehensive and systematic approach to investigation, focusing on fact-finding rather than fault-finding.

This template aids in maintaining safety standards, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and fostering a proactive safety culture within the organization.

Accident Investigation Report Template

Report Title: ___________

Incident Date and Time: ___________

Report Date: ___________

Location of Accident: ___________

Investigator(s) Name(s): ___________

1. Executive Summary:

Brief overview of the accident, including primary conclusions:

2. Detailed Description of the Accident:

Chronological account of events leading to the accident:

Specific activities and circumstances at the time of the accident:

3. Personal Details:

Information about the individuals involved (name, job title, etc.):

4. Witness Statements:

Accounts and observations from witnesses:

5. Environmental Conditions:

Description of environmental factors (weather, lighting, etc.) at the time of the accident:

6. Equipment and Materials:

Details of any equipment or materials involved:

7. Photographs and Diagrams:

Photographic evidence and diagrams of the accident scene:

8. Immediate Actions Taken:

Description of actions taken immediately following the accident:

9. Investigation Findings:

Analysis of the facts gathered and determination of contributing factors:

10. Conclusions:

Summary of the investigation’s conclusions regarding the cause(s) of the accident:

11. Recommendations:

Suggestions for preventing future accidents, including any corrective actions:

12. Appendices:

Supporting documents, additional witness statements, detailed data, etc.:

13. Approval and Signatures:

Investigator’s Signature: ___________ Date: ___________

Supervisor/Manager’s Signature (if applicable): ___________ Date: ___________


The Accident Investigation Report Template is a crucial document for understanding and learning from workplace accidents.

It provides a framework for a thorough and unbiased investigation, essential for uncovering the underlying causes of accidents.

By utilizing this template, organizations can take informed steps to improve their safety protocols, provide a safer working environment for their employees, and reduce the likelihood of future accidents.

The systematic approach embodied in this template is key to fostering a responsible and safety-conscious organizational culture.

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