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Keep your non-desk employees updated, trained, and certified with a powerful compliance management app

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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2 certified
  • HIPAA compliant

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compliance resources

Make policies accessible, reliable, and trackable

Ensure employees always access up-to-date documents, track their entries, and maintain an audit trail, by managing all policies and procedures in an auto-updated digital knowledge base.

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Employee Documents

Keep a clear view of employee certifications

Streamline employee documentation processes by digitizing, organizing, and securing all records with cloud-based backups and expiration date alerts for simplified audits and monitoring.

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Benefits of digitizing compliance processes


Decrease in compliance 
forms errors


Reduction in wage and hour violations


Improvement in
 audit readiness

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Compliance courses

Upgrade your compliance training

Enhance learning and make knowledge memorable with an intuitive and easy-to-use compliance training app that tracks employee progress and records results.

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Compliance Updates

Keep your team updated on regulation changes

Notify your employees of changes, share attachments and in-app links to the updated files, and receive read confirmations to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Compliance reports

Improve oversight and respond faster

Detect compliance issues remotely by receiving real-time digital reports directly from the field, and maintain organized, accessible records for any need.

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Keep communication compliant

Reach staff only during 
work hours

with statuses and scheduled messaging within the chat

Ensure only designated employees are notified

Share updates with specific team members and receive read confirmations

Keep work contact information safe

by safely storing data in your company directory

ensure conversations stay professional

Manage permissions and monitor employee chat

Save the hassle & manage compliance with ease

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