Operations Hub

Easily manage your team and daily operations

Manage your team’s day-to-day in one place – from planning schedules, tracking work hours, ensuring task completion, all the way down to payroll

A woman looking on her phone and an illustration showing Connecteam’s operation hub interface

See how operations become easy with Connecteam

A woman holding a laptop with connecteam's operations interface in it


Create optimal schedules in a click

  • Save time using templates, duplications, and recurring shifts
  • Avoid costly mistakes with regulatory limitation and error flagging
  • Share schedules with your team and get instant shift confirmations
  • Let everyone know what needs to be done by adding shift notes and tasks
An illustration showing Connecteam’s Scheduling interface


Simplify time tracking from clock-in to payroll

  • Log precise work hours with the in-app time clock or directly on digital timesheets
  • Oversee staff attendance in real time and get notified of late or missed clock-ins
  • Keep your team’s timesheets compliant and error-free with inconsistency alerts
  • Export payroll-ready timesheets as PDF or XLS or integrate with top payroll providers like Gusto and Quickbooks
An illustration showing Connecteam’s time clock interface

Optimizing day-to-day operations


Time saved on
reporting & paperwork


Time saved on
manual processes


Time spent on

Forms & checklists

Make work flow with digital forms

  • Build forms and checklists for any task your team needs to complete on the job
  • Include files and have staff add a signature, image, 
or location stamp as proof of completion
  • Speed up the process by choosing from a variety of templates
  • Instantly receive and have a clear overview of all completed forms and checklist
An illustration showing Connecteam’s forms interface

Task management

Know everything runs well from anywhere

  • Quickly create and assign tasks to individuals or entire teams
  • Track your team’s progress and task completion in real time
  • Manage, oversee, and communicate on your team’s daily tasks in one place
An illustration showing Connecteam’s tasks interface