Manage Your Lawn Care Business with Connecteam's Field Employees App

Lawn care business job dispatching app

Communicate, operate and train your on-the-go employees in one app

  • Job dispatching
  • Employee hours tracking
  • Multiple communication tools
  • Online checklists & forms
Lawn care business job dispatching app
connecteam employee app ratings

Get the job done with Connecteam’s lawn care management app

Lawn care business job dispatching and employee scheduling app

Easy, Yet Powerful Job Scheduling

Schedule jobs and projects for your field employees

Dispatch jobs for multiple employees in a click. Attach all necessary information so that your employees have everything they need at all times in their Connecteam app while on the job.

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lawn care time tracking app with GPS

Accurate Field Employee Time Tracking

Use GPS time clock to track work time and equipment usage

With Connecteam’s lawn care app, you can track what your employees are working on, when and from where. Track time spent on jobs, driving or buying supplies. Our easy to use GPS time clock is highly capable and customizable.

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Online Checklists & Forms for Your Lawn Care Business Employees

Online Checklists & Forms for Your Lawn Care Business Employees

Get rid of pen and paper! Automate daily processes and operational procedures.

  • Job ticket info forms
  • Hazard report
  • Reimbursement form
  • Equipment inspection checklist
  • Safety checklist
  • Supervisor checklists
Lawn Care Business Employees communication app

Instant Work Announcements, Updates and Monthly Trainings

Reach every employee with diverse communication tools for every need

Share company policies, regulations, equipment manuals, safety procedures or communicate with employees directly via chat to make sure all field employees are on the same page.

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What Our Customers Say

This software is so user-friendly. It has saved us a TON of time with the time clock, chat, and workflow features. Their customer service is the most helpful from any company I have ever worked with.

Wendy H.

Hall Turf

The Connecteam software is very easy to set up, roll out to users and maintain. It provided everything we needed and is very cost-effective.

Fiona G. Turner

Access Ltd

It is easy to communicate and use! Everyone on the app loves it! Great Service! :)

Jennifer A.

CSI Powerline

Bridge the gap between field employees and the office


Whether you’re in the office or in the field, Connecteam’s lawn care business app gives you all the tools you need to grow and manage your business at your fingertips. With most of your employees constantly on the move and without access to computers or a company email, Connecteam’s lawn care app allows you to keep everyone on the same page with multiple communication channels. Scheduling shifts and dispatching jobs is easy to do with Connecteam’s lawn care scheduling software. Enhance daily operations and tasks with our digital checklists, forms and reports. Boost employee engagement, retention, morale and lower turnover with Connecteam’s lawn care management software, from feedback surveys to private or group chat, a suggestion box and so much more. Save time, streamline daily operations, enhance professional skills, keep track of hours and so much more can be easily done with Connecteam’s lawn care app. Start for free today!

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