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Connecteam’s employee app is the perfect match for your fitness business

  • Training scheduling
  • Online mobile-first checklists & forms
  • Time tracking for payroll
  • Multiple communication tools
Fitness management scheduling and time clock app
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Jump-start your fitness business with Connecteam's employee app

Fitness management shift and trainers scheduling app

Easy Yet Powerful Training & Shift Scheduling

Schedule classes & shifts for your gym coaches

Quickly schedule shifts and training sessions, plan and distribute the shifts to all trainers and coaches. Connecteam is extremely customizable so that trainers can have the most updated information at all times.

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Online Checklists & Forms for Your Fitness Business

Online Checklists & Forms for Your Fitness Business

Automate daily processes and operational procedures. Receive live updates in a click.

  • Gym opening checklist
  • End of day trainer report
  • Repair order ticket
  • Workout room cleaning checklist
  • Safety checklist
  • Employee injury report form
  • Coaching session performance review
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Take your fitness business to the next level

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Time Clock with Geofence in hospitality staff app

Fitness Employee Timesheets and Time Clock

Easily customize it to fit your fitness company

Whether you run a small fitness business, a pilates studio, or a gym chain, you need to be able to track your trainers’ work time, PTO’s, or sick leave. With Connecteam’s intuitive time clock, you are a click away from exportable timesheets that will expedite your payroll process.

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Fitness management -Work Announcements, Chat, and Updates

Work Announcements, Chat and Updates

Communicate with your workforce in one app

Reach every single employee via our dedicated chat, or communicate through measurable group updates. Ensure safety compliance & easily share valuable information with trainers across all chains.

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What Our Customers Say

LIFE SAVER. We were using several different apps & wanted to switch to something that had all features in one place. Connecteam has been AWESOME for us! We love how easy it is to learn and use! And the customer service is EXCEPTIONAL!

Kourtney T.

Jenco Inc

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I honestly cannot rave about Connecteam enough. It was so easy to use and it was EXACTLY what I was hoping for when I started searching for an app to communicate with my team. Connecteam fulfilled everything I had imagined!

Nicole S.

Director and Head Coach

The schedule is a time saver! Once you learn the system it really opens up its value. The scheduling component and shift assignment now that I have built templates are very straightforward.

Jason W.


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Connecteam’s dispatching app is the perfect tool to manage your fitness staff. With Connecteam, you can communicate with all employees, save time on employee training and onboarding, reduce costs for daily operational procedures, and take your gym and fitness business to the next level. With easy-to-use fitness staff management software, gym trainers can have everything needed to stay up-to-date, get all the important information in real-time, communicate on the go, and connect with the office, from wherever they are. With Connecteam’s fitness app, your employees will be able to digitally fill daily reports, open maintenance tickets from anywhere, report live on any hazards or incidents, view locations contact detail and agenda, and so much more. But that’s not all, with Connecteam you can do much more, like trainers shift scheduling, time tracking, employee engagement, and many more great features that will make your fitness app feel like home for every team member. Connecteam’s software for gyms and fitness businesses starts at just $39/month for up to 30 users! Start with the free plan today to discover everything Connecteam’s fitness app has to offer.