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HVAC scheduling and dispatch, multiple communication tools, resource center, equipment manuals, online reports and ticketing system, all available in one place with Connecteam’s HVAC App.
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An all-in-one HVAC business management software especially designed for your non-desk employees

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Your one-stop-shop for an HVAC App

An HVAC employee needs multiple tools to get things done
Connecteam’s HVAC App was designed and built as an all-in-one solution for non-desk employees. It’s easy to use and highly intuitive, and offers multiple solutions for different needs. In fact, it’s so easy to use you can start today! Within minutes, you’ll be able to setup your own HVAC dispatch software, HVAC scheduling software, multiple communication tools, online forms, resource center and so much more, all from a single place and for an affordable price.
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With an HVAC App, there’s no need for pen & paper

Automate processes and control the information flow from field to office in real-time
With our HVAC App, everyday tasks and reports are on auto-pilot, allowing employees to seamlessly report from anywhere. Checklists, forms and reports like incident reports, inspection reports, supervisor checklists, job ticket info forms, service equipment reports, hoist and moisture reports, monthly checklists and more, are easily set in minutes by pre-made templates or tailoring a report to your specific needs. With our unique status-tracking capability and notes management system for entries submitted by employees, your HVAC business management software sets a new standard for efficiency and keeps everyone on the same page in real-time.
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HVAC scheduling and dispatch made easy

Plan and schedule ahead, reduce phone calls and save time
Connecteam’s HVAC scheduling software makes your everyday dispatch process easier and more efficient: dispatch jobs for multiple employees in a click, add all necessary information such as customer info, equipment required, job site and address, order information, special notes and more. That way your employees have everything they need at all times in their HVAC App while on the job, putting an end to multiple phone calls to dispatchers, allowing you to stay on top of their job and task progress.
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Track time and gain valuable insights

Use GPS time clock to track work time and equipment usage
With Connecteam’s HVAC App, you can track what your employees are working on, at what time and from where. Our easy to use GPS time clock is highly capable and customizable! From tag and shift attachments, to auto-reminders and push notifications, our HVAC App time clock can do it all. And, with our intuitive employee timesheets, your payroll management process will be faster and smoother than ever before.
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Knowledge is power!

Training, manuals and other resources available at all times
Add online libraries and manuals to Connecteam’s HVAC App to keep your employees ready at all times, so employees can search and find useful information and media in a click. Make company policies, regulations, equipment manuals, safety procedures and more available, while having everything up to date and accessible. But you can do more than just make information available, whether it’s for on-boarding new employees or to train your existing workforce, with your Connecteam HVAC App, you can make professionalism a top priority: build training courses incorporating different media types like PDF’s, images and videos, and structure quizzes to test the level of your employees and keep them aligned with the latest best practices!
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Talk, chat, engage, call, comment and like!

Powerful communication tools for every need
Conneteam’s HVAC App offers multiple communication tools for every need. From updates and messages, to robust team chats and discussion boards, employee directory and more! Quickly and easily send important updates and track who viewed them; make pier-to-pier communication easy with our in-app company chat and employee directory; send polls and anonymous surveys to gather employee feedback; post announcements and let employees comment and like for modern employee engagement, and much more!

Connecteam is trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide


“Connecteam enables us to reach 100% compliance on the job. We save time and cost, while improve communication, job performance and service quality.”

Darren Gradus CEO & Owner Canada’s Restoration Services

“As a big retail company, Connecteam ‘s solution is ideal for us. The App and its management system help us to be in constant contact with all the employees of the company, which are located throughout the country.”

Barak Alfital Training & Organizational Development Manager FOX Group

“Connecteam improved our work processes in a significant way. The mobile app helped us improve our workflows and made our projects run more effectively. As an organization, our overall communication and flow of information has become fast and accurate””

Racheli Oz Organizational Develpment & Welfare Manager Carasso Motors

“Connecteam is an intelligent collaboration solution. In Sodastream, we found this solution friendly and useful, with high adoption rates among our users. The Connecteam staff are creative and dynamic, and great partners to work with.”

Nir Rehav Head of Global IT Sodastream Intl.

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Connecteam HVAC App is an all-in-one solution to manage non-desk employees for multiple purposes. With our HVAC software, you’ll be able to add different capabilities using one app, all for the same affordable fixed price. Use our HVAC scheduling software to plan work days ahead and save valuable time, with our HVAC dispatch software you can count on your employees to always have all the info they need for the job so there’s no need for multiple phone calls everyday to the dispatcher just to fill in gaps and missing information. And that’s not all, we empower you by providing you with extensive stet of capabilities for employee training, multiple communication tools, GPS time clock, employee engagement features and much more. As you probably realized by now, Connecteam’s HVAC App can do many things that will benefit your HVAC business. Get started for free!

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