The Best Online Forms & Checklists App for the Deskless Workforce

Say goodbye to pen and paper forever! Allow your employees to fill in reports, forms, checklists, requests, and more, directly from their mobile app.

  • Gather information from your team more efficiently
  • Digitize your business instantly
  • Improve response time and eliminate back & forth
  • Full visibility & control while on-the-go
employee looking at a phone with screenshots of a checklist and images that was taken

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Ditch pen and paper & digitize manual processes in just a few clicks!

online forms and checklists

Streamline Workflows and Empower Your Entire Team

Turn manual tasks into online forms and checklists

Forget about endless calls and texting, or filling in paperwork. Effortlessly create any form or checklist in seconds and send it directly to your employees.

  • Attach images and videos in a click
  • Provide E-signatures and GPS timestamps
  • Attach PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and other files
  • Record instant audio messages
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create customize forms

Customize Forms, Tailored to Your Team's Specific Needs

Easily create your own form, or choose from a variety of templates

  • Conduct inspections on the go
  • Operational checklists
  • Safety forms
  • For compliance purposes
  • For onboarding employees
  • HR-focused templates
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Digital Forms is the New Norm

Easily create and publish custom forms from the field
digitally online Forms app

Always Available and Always Up-to-Date

No more messy handwriting or outdated forms

  • No need to wait days for critical paperwork to arrive
  • Every entry is sent from the field to the office in the blink of an eye
  • All forms are instantly available on mobile devices
  • Forms are digitally stored in an orderly manner
  • Easily export forms
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digitally online Forms app

Stay on Top of What Truly Matters

Ensure compliance by digitally providing necessary procedures and standards

  • Collect real-time reports directly from the field
  • Track task statuses at any time
  • Receive instant notifications upon submission
  • Instantly spot outstanding submissions and provide follow-ups
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online Forms software

Efficiently Review, Process, and Manage Information

Receive and handle all submitted forms according to your business needs

  • Past entries are always available and secure
  • Flag and address exceptional submissions
  • Analyze and archive past data
  • Easily export reports when needed
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online Forms app

Simple Mobile Interface for Managers On The Go

Keep your field managers in the know, no matter where they are

  • Empower your field managers with advanced mobile capabilities
  • Allow them to review entries while on the go
  • Instantly track completion rates
  • Share relevant entries directly from mobile
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Watch the video below to see it in action:

staff checklists app
two employees stanging at the entrance of a resturant

We Support Small Businesses - Get Connecteam 100% Free for Up to 10 users!

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About the Connecteam Digital Forms App

What is a forms app?

Using a forms app makes data collection exponentially easier than a traditional pen and paper method. Digital forms can include checklists, reports, requests, and more. A forms app keeps all these documents in one digital location eliminating time-wasting filing and the physical space those forms would otherwise take up. In addition, a good forms app, such as Connecteam, will back up all digital forms, guarding you against data loss. Finding a digital form couldn’t be easier using Connecteam’s handy search function.

Is Connecteam’s Digital Forms app free?
What are the benefits of using Connecteam’s Digital Forms app?
What are some common types of forms?

Connecteam’s checklists and forms app is an amazing tool for every business that wants to take compliance and procedures to the next level. Connecteam makes it easy to create a highly customized, mobile-first work checklist app that can be used from anywhere at any time. Simply choose from one of our templates, or create your own checklist, form, or report. Connecteam’s checklist app allows you to modify your entire work process like no other, all with an easy to use interface for admins, multiple options and customizations, built-in automation, and various tools such as chat, libraries, and documents that will take your employee checklist app to the next level.

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