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Create, manage, and track workflows with digital forms

A smart forms & checklists app for frontline teams to increase productivity and oversee any process from anywhere

An employee fills out checklist in connectteam app

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Connecteam app interface

Redefine efficiency for non-desk jobs

  • Fill checklists on the go from any mobile device
  • Quickly compose custom forms for any process
  • Save time with a variety of pre-made templates
  • Distribute checklists to multiple locations instantly
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An employee fills out checklist in connectteam app

Improve accuracy in every form

  • Keep forms up-to-date from anywhere with a click
  • Gather correct and consistent information
  • Build dynamic forms that adapt based on user input
  • Meet expectations by tracking progress and time
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Digital Forms is the New Norm

Easily create and publish custom forms from the field
An employee fills out checklist in connectteam app

Achieve a better form of communication

  • Be notified of submissions and monitor them in real-time
  • Get instant information and feedback from the field
  • Interact with employees directly on any entry
  • Attach any file type: PDF, spreadsheet, image, and more
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An employee fills out checklist in connectteam app

Keep all submitted information in check

  • Get a live overview of every completed checklist
  • Store, organize, and easily access past data
  • Increase accountability with eSignatures and geolocation
  • Easily export and share reports within your organization
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Watch the video below to see it in action:

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Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

About the Connecteam Digital Forms App

What is a forms app?

Using a forms app makes data collection exponentially easier than a traditional pen and paper method. Digital forms can include checklists, reports, requests, and more. A forms app keeps all these documents in one digital location eliminating time-wasting filing and the physical space those forms would otherwise take up. In addition, a good forms app, such as Connecteam, will back up all digital forms, guarding you against data loss. Finding a digital form couldn’t be easier using Connecteam’s handy search function.

Is Connecteam’s Digital Forms app free?
What are the benefits of using Connecteam’s Digital Forms app?
What are some common types of forms?

Connecteam’s digital forms and checklist app is an amazing tool to digitize paperwork, streamline workflows, and take compliance and procedures to the next level. Connecteam’s forms and checklist app makes it easy to create, manage, and assign highly customizable forms and checklists for your team to complete anywhere and at any time on their mobile phones. Easily create your very own digital forms, checklists, or reports or simply choose one of our ready-made templates. Your employees can complete forms, attach images of a job well done, add a digital signature, and submit them back for your review with a click. You’ll then be able to instantly review information gathered straight from the field and store, organize, and access past entries in a centralized place in your forms and checklist app. All in all, Connecteam’s forms and checklist app is the easiest and most affordable solution for you.