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Take control and save time with our staff rostering software

Instantly create and share rosters with your non-desk teams and ensure every shift runs smoothly from one place

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What our customers love most

step 1 | PLANNING

Create optimal rosters for staff with ease

  • Quickly build rosters with templates, duplications, and recurring shifts
  • Have full visibility of your employees’ availability, qualifications, time off, and preferences
  • Avoid costly mistakes by setting regulatory limitations and spotting inconsistencies
  • Guarantee equal shift distribution and avoid conflicts like double bookings
screenshot of Connecteam's Scheduling feature


Publish staff rosters and get immediate feedback

  • Share schedules for your team to access via the app in seconds
  • Boost employee accountability and reduce back-and-forth by having staff accept or reject shifts
  • Communicate any scheduling changes instantly
Driver picture with screenshots of the Connecteam scheduling feature

step 3 | DAY-TO-DAY

Manage your team’s daily activities from one place

  • Automate shift reminders to ensure full staffing and prevent no-shows. A no-show occurred? Find quick replacements via the app
  • Ditch calls, text and notes and reach your team instantly via in-app chat and updates
  • Give your team mobile access to all the information they need to succeed
  • Get real-time insights from the field with digital forms and checklists
screenshot of Connecteam's Scheduling feature

step 4 | REPORTING

Get your payroll and invoicing sorted

  • Record accurate work hours by having staff clock in from their phones
  • Instantly calculate overtime, meal or rest breaks, and time off
  • Directly export timesheets to payroll providers
  • Track time spent on projects and jobs for easy billing and invoicing
Screenshot of the Connecteam scheduling feature

Rostering pains? No worries!

Avoid conflicts, distribute quickly, and keep your team always up-to-date

About the Connecteam rostering app

What is an employee rostering app?

An employee rostering app allows you to easily assign shifts and notify employees of their schedules.

Digitalizing scheduling allows you to input data, such as time-off requests, and view the schedule according to job or employee to limit scheduling errors. Reassigning previous shifts is also a time saver.

With a good scheduling app, you can also communicate directly with your employees regarding each shift. Look for features such as adding a shift description, where you can add the location, specific tasks, and if any questions arise, you and your employee can directly message each other.

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Can I schedule open shifts to be claimed?

A BIG deal for small businesses

Connecteam is 100% free for up to 10 users!

Connecteam’s employee rostering app is an easy way to create, manage, and share optimal employee rosters for your non-desk team to access right from their mobile phones. Ranked as one of the best employee scheduling apps, Connecteam offers unique tools to simplify your entire scheduling process and easily avoid costly scheduling mistakes. The rostering app allows you to instantly reach all the right staff members via your in-app chat, add instructions to each shift or job, and maintain a clear overview of your employees’ availability and qualifications. Overall, Connecteam’s employee rostering app allows you to save valuable time, keep everyone on the same page, and include all the information your employees need to succeed throughout the workday right at their fingertips. So, if you’re looking for a way to manage your non-desk employee schedules, Connecteam’s employee rostering app is the easiest and most affordable solution for you.